How to Spot and Manage Fake Reviews?​ Top 5 Simple Way

Fake reviews mislead shoppers. The biggest problem is that fake online reviews are becoming common, and it is becoming more important to do something about it. Every fake review is different from others, depending on the category and platform. Various corrupt writers posts fake reviews about competitors to devastate their online reputation. However, fake online reviews harm honest businesses and confuse consumers. According to FTC, the accounts of the companies buying fake reviews will get suspended. Before managing a phony review, you have to spot it to do that you have to look after a few things to spot a fake review

How to Spot and Manage Fake Reviews
  • A lot of one star or five-star reviews posted in a short time.
  • Lack of details about the products on the reviews and situations.
  • A review from an unknown user who hasn’t reviewed anything else before.
  • They are repeating similar words and phrases in different reviews.
  • Look for concrete nouns because genuine reviewers focus more on situations.
  • Usage of more first-person pronouns.
  • Look for the oddly specific reviews. In positive reviews, the reviewers try to provide the full name of the product, even also the long ones for SEO.
  • Fake reviewers often use superlatives and overstate things.

Now that you can identify a fake review, we will discuss how to manage a fake review:

  • You can use a media monitoring system that has an automated email alert system that lets you respond immediately.
  • While dealing with a fake review, ask for specifics.
  • You can ask about the authenticity of the review to the reviewer politely. For example, Sir, maybe you are confused about our business with another because we don’t have any record of you visiting our company. Can you call us to resolve the issue?
  • If you figure out a review is entirely fake, you have to request the platform to remove it.
  • Request your loyal customer base for positive reviews.