Top 6 Fruitful Tips To Respond Negative Restaurant Reviews

Reviews and ratings are so crucial for your online reputation, and nearly 70% of people who have internet access are influenced by reviews (source: moz). This proves that you have to take every review seriously and respond to them; it doesn’t matter they are negative or they are positive reviews.

You have to be more active and give more focus to the reviews that are not favorable. Because negative reviews influence your growth and keep you improving. You also get an opportunity to turn a bad review into a positive one. In this article ill give you some tips regarding how to respond to negative reviews.

All restaurant owners, more or less, faced negative reviews and ratings. The thing that makes you different from others is how you deal with your reviews. Here are some steps you should keep in mind before responding to a bad review:

Respond Negative Restaurant Reviews​

response to negative restaurant reviews

Take your reviews seriously and read them carefully​

Most of us don’t read reviews carefully. In the case of negative reviews, you need to read it carefully several times. Understand the full meaning of the review. While reading the reviews, you have to take notes about a few things-

  • Take note of the date of the problem.
  • Observe the tone of the reviewer whether the writer is angry, or upset, or frustrated?
  • Can you solve the issue?
  • Take note of all the staff that were a part of the issues, including the person’s name.

You should respond to these reviews as quickly as possible and try to defend your position, and try to work on it immediately.

Research on the problem​​

  • Try to defend your position with facts at first, then move to the next steps.
  • About 80% of the complaints are online(source: Washingtonpost), and that’s why you need to research and talk to the staff who was handling that customer.
  • If you can solve the issue, then try to solve it. But if the problem is severe, you have to discuss it with your legal team.

Research on the consumer​

  • Try to figure out if the reviewer is a customer or not. If the review isanonymous, can analyze if it’s an honest review?
  • Do you have to observe whether the person writing a negative review has the habit of posting negative reviews? And also, take a note that the person complaining is local or not.

Learning more about the reviewer will let you know more about the reviewer, like why he wrote this review.

Respond to Negative Restaurant Reviews

Be humble and apologize​

  • You should always apologize for the problem because the customer is still right. Fighting with a customer for bad reviews not only makes you fight with the whole reviewer community but also creates a negative impression.
  • You always have to treat your guests humbly and give them the utmost importance and try to make them feel that they are unique.
  • Empathize with them and try to let them know that you understand what they are trying to say and assure them.
  • Don’t blame your consumers for shifting the conversation with an apology and trying to work on the issue.

Solve the problem​

Use all of your research and information you gathered to work on the problem. Outline what you can do to resolve the issue.

Don't get personal with your consumer​

You should not get personal with the reviewer and always remember that it’s not just the reviewer that is reading your comments. It’s about the impression of your restaurant.

Not all reviews are bad—some negative reviews open doors to something good. People don’t always look for perfection; sometimes, they want to hear an honest response from you. When you react to a negative review positively, you might get a positive comment in return. 

Do thorough research about the topic of the negative review and also pay attention to the reviews on your social media channels. Try to respond to the negative reviews as fast as possible because the faster response has a higher chance to turn a negative review into a positive one.