How do I promote apps in the iOS App Store?​

Developing a great idea to an app and getting a platform in the iOS store is a vast process. When you are finally done getting approval from Apple, the journey, unfortunately, does not end. Why? Because you still need to establish and get a place for you in the app store to attract a lot of users.

After you get a boost from the initial launch, there will be a time when you have to find out strategies to make it to the top of the list so that you can approach more users to download and use your app.

So this is our topic today, and with our discussion, we will let you know how you can promote apps in the iOS app store. We have tried to bring some simple yet effective strategies.

Way To Promote Apps In The IOS App Store

how to promote ios app

Come up with a Catchy and Compelling name for your app

With all the necessities such as perfect keyword or proper optimization, having an appropriate and attractive app name is really crucial. It would be best if you came up with an app name that is both relative and fetching. Try to research ideas on similar popular apps in the market.

Again for an initial boost, you can use numbers on your app name. However, you may want to change it later as it won’t help in the long run and may not make sense.

A thoughtful keyword ant it's proper optimization.

This is one of the most important aspects to find the correct keyword and proper search engine optimization process. So you have to come up with a keyword that is not related and can be found easily. Only use a brand name if you own it; otherwise, don’t. With the main keyword, you could also target secondary keywords related and help for better search performance. It is also vital that you organize and order the keywords by its importance and relevancy.

Use the Directories platforms

Do not settle yet even if you came up with the perfect keyword, which is also correctly optimized. It would be best if you used the directories. How do directories help? Well, directories are areas where you can submit your app, and the stage will help you reach a lot of users. This not only increases the downloads but also takes you to a higher in the app store.

Offer users a free version of your app

This could broaden out the spectrum of the users as you are offering a free version. So, without purchasing immediately, the users could initially use the free version of your app. If the app is well established and gets a good vibe, the app’s increase in the purchase would be much more prominent.

Enable social media connection

Social media such as Facebook or Instagram helps you get a vast exposure. Allow a system in your app that could link your user to their social accounts profile. You could also create a page and group for your app. That would also bring a lot of engagements.

apps in the iOS App Store

Look for a great icon design

So it is not enough if you have a great app with a great name and optimization plans. The icon should also be fetched and relevant to your app idea. With a poor illustration of the icon, you could lose a lot of potential users. It even happens that a massive amount of users get attracted initially by the look of the icon. So this implies that we could entice a big audience with an excellent illustration, hence ranking the app in a higher position.

Avoid humongous size for an app

Yes, nobody would want an app that is huge in size. So do keep in mind to devise an app that takes minimum space when installed. With a massive data size, many users can not download the app for its system requirement and the sizes.

Encourage users for reviews

Reviews are great ways to know about the performances of your app. It would be best if you give importance to both positive and negative reviews. With both kinds of feedback, you should know easily and instantly how to improve and upgrade your app. Hence, encourage your users for reviews in every possible way. You could use assistant plugins or approach social media to get constructive and useful reviews. 

So there you go! You now know the strategies that could help your app rank higher in the app stores. Make sure you follow the processes correctly. Having social engagement, reviews from both users, and renowned personals would really help. Also, make sure your name, icon, and keywords you choose effectively bring users. And finally, make sure you follow the system optimization rules correctly for an effective outcome