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Airbnb is an online marketplace for offering or arranging hotels, home rentals and tourism experiences. 

  • It has an average of 2million bookings daily. It’s so popular among the users because of its convenience.
  • Airbnb has around 6million listings. People can find their desired services within a very short time.
  • According to stats average users spend 11minutes and 31 seconds in Airbnb app. 
  • Hosts can charge more for the top-rated services. 
  • Airbnb ratings and reviews make most of the users interested to use your service.
  • Users trust the services with higher ratings.
  • If you buy Airbnb reviews it will work as a lifetime advertisement for your business. Because once you buy reviews and ratings they will stay on your profile.

When it comes to Airbnb reviews and ratings is their priority. As users visit this site to refrain from all the hustle of selecting the right place to stay on a tour. They don’t spend much time here. Users make their quick decisions based on the suggestions they get from Airbnb. If you have visited this site, you know that when users search for places after putting all the filters the top-rated services appear on top. These top-rated services grab the attention of the users. 


Since it’s launch in 2008, the growth of Airbnb is increasing. Airbnb has a whopping 150million users and a total valuation of $35 billion. Which eliminates all the doubts about Airbnb being a huge platform. As a host, if you buy Airbnb reviews you will notice some substantial difference in your sales. Because a huge number of Airbnb users take the decision based on the ratings of your services. As the top-rated services appear on top of Airbnb suggestions it gets more visits and bookings.


If you buy Airbnb reviews it will be cheaper for you to broadcast your services to your targeted users. Buying reviews is recommended because it’s cheap and time-efficient.



Yes, it is safe. But Airbnb strictly prohibits fake reviews and ratings. So, Promotingteam doesn’t take any risk providing reviews to its users. We provide 100% authentic reviews to our users. To maintain the authenticity of the reviews we use your services that are listed in Airbnb. Then we provide reviews based on the user experience of your service. And Promotingteam never asks for your credentials. So if you buy Airbnb reviews from Promotingteam you don’t have to worry about getting banned or hacked. 

How to buy Airbnb reviews?

Buying Airbnb reviews is easy. 

  • First, you have to select your desired package.
  • After placing your order and providing all the important information you have to make your payment. You have different payment options to choose from.
  • We will reach you through email asking for more information within 24 hours.
  • After confirmation, you will be provided with an order ID. You can track your order anytime using your order ID. Your order will be delivered within 15-25 working days based on the type of your order.
  • For further information, you can contact our customer service.

We recommend you to contact our customer service because you can get a much clearer idea about our services and the process of delivery. 


Promotingteam is the best online service available right now to buy Airbnb reviews. The satisfaction and security of our customers is our priority. We have provided millions of reviews. And worked with vendors of top online market places and online services. Promotingteam is our user’s first choice for promoting their online presence. 

  • We don’t use bot trafficking. None of our reviews are fake. 
  • Promotingteam reviewers use your products or service. So all of your reviews will be legit. Very few online review vendors do that.
  • There’s no chance of getting banned if you buy reviews from Promotingteam.
  • Buying reviews from us is easy and less time-consuming.
  • We provide a 100% refund on the dropped reviews.
  • Our customer service is very cooperative and available 24/7. You can also customize your order by contacting us.

With thousands of customer recommendations, Promotingteam is the best place to get your business promoted.


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