What Should I Do with Negative Reviews on My Facebook Page?

Word of mouth plays a vital role in making a purchase decision. Recently, we focused on affiliate marketing. A natural extension is the importance of customer reviews in the buyer’s journey. 

Every business gets happy customers as well as unhappy customers. It’s simple and unpleasant part of the business. For promoting business, collecting and leveraging customer reviews is essential. Reviews on Facebook Page are helpful to achieve a targeted audience.

Facebook introduced reviews for pages. Customers and clients could leave starred reviews for all of Facebook to see. The negative Facebook review could affect business beyond the social media site.90% of customers are influenced by online reviews. Reviews are a vital part of any business success. 

We need to ensure that reviews are in the tabs on Facebook Page. On the left-hand side, we will see a list of Tabs. Click on manage Tabs to add or remove tabs. By getting the option, we can start getting people to write reviews.

remove negative review facebook page

remove negative reviews facebook page

Impact on positive reviews

Reviews can improve a business local ranking. Marketers need to pay attention to reviews as a way of broadcasting customer perception. It impacts on customer purchases. Businesses are affected by online reviews, on employee review sites, and on product hunt sites. Reviews can be turned into customer testimonials for the website. We also highlight the reviews in social media posts and in email marketing campaigns. The number of loyal followers can be increased by positive feedback.

Impact on negative reviews

Before trusting a business, Consumers read an average of seven reviews. Business loss can be prompted by one negative review on the first page of potential customers search results. 

We can’t erase all negative reviews. Consumer trust reviews more than they see both good and bad scores. Potential buyers are going to see a negative review for getting accurate information.

Handling critical reviews

When we get a genuine negative review, address the underlying issues and handle it gracefully. This review gives us an opportunity to show that we are in business for more than just sales. It’s our chance to highlight that we care about our customers and their unique experience. 

When some negative reviews can place on the website, those reviews can be deleted to keep clean the negative impression of the website. It becomes helpful for them to attract more buyers to keep their attention about their products and other services.

remove negative review facebook page

Dealing with negative reviewsnegative reviews facebook page

Some negative review can be helpful for the business because those contain the criticism of them. When they can solve that problem, they can easily bring their customer’s attraction and other functions. Sometimes those impacts positively on the business marketing and other functions.
Fake reviews

Fake reviews are the most common problem for the business marketing. Some competitors hire some persons to make down some website and they intentionally spoil others competitors pages. To prevent that problem some effective comment and counter-reply with proof can be given. These kinds of reviews are spam. They are irrelevant and can hurt business. we can’t delete a negative spam or disrespectful review on a Facebook page, but we can report it.

Disabling reviewsremove negative reviews facebook

The Facebook reporting system was working at peak efficiency. It only allows users to report written reviews. Facebook pages are used to communicate with fans, share valuable content and update users on what’s going on.
Cultivating transparency on social media
Reporting irrelevant, abusive, and spam reviews to Facebook can help to improve the experience for the whole community.

The best businesses get negative reviews also. Well, practiced processes can fail to remove negative reviews. People on the Internet are the worst. When people are unhappy, they are very vocal. Unfortunately, negative reviews and comments about business can do more than just hurt our pride. They can hurt our bottom line also. 84% of people trust online reviews as the friend, and 68 percent of consumers will go straight to a business social media profile to read reviews. Removing individual reviews is a long process. For removing negative or fake reviews from Facebook, we show how it’s done step by step.

Step 1: If we want to remove the review on Facebook, first login page. We can switch between pages in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 2: Click the “settings”.

Step 3: In the Settings menu, we choose the “Edit Page” option from the left-hand sidebar. Scroll down until we see the review section. Then switch it to “Off”.

How can negative reviews be Positive?

No one likes to see bad reviews on online, and it’s easy to get wrapped up in negative feedback. When we get a negative review, the most important thing is that it doesn’t mean our product or service is bad.

Conclusion: Negative reviews are not bad in all time. They are easy to handle and can easily combat them by just getting more reviews in general. Bad review assists in purchase decisions. Shoppers don’t want to buy blindly. They want the whole story before making an online purchase. A negative review on my Facebook Page doesn’t adhere to the Facebook community standards. It can damage the business bottom line.

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