Making iOS App on Windows | 4 Steps We Will Be Follow​

If you want to develop an iOS app on Windows pc, it may not be possible. However, there are alternative methods by which you can use your Windows to create an iOS app on your own. Today, we will try to give you a detailed tutorial on making an iOS app on Windows.

Steps we will be following For Making IOS app on windows

  • Renting a Mac in the cloud which may cost $20/month.
  • We will run Swift directly on the Windows system.
  • We will have to learn to code with a Swift Sandbox.
  • We will build our “Hackintosh” by installing macOS on our pc.
making ios app

Why do we need Xcode for Windows?

Xcode is the only software in the macOS system that allows us to develop and publish iOS apps. The things Xcode IDE usually includes are,

  • Swift
  • a code editor
  • Interface builder
  • Debugger
  • Documentation
  • Version control
  • Tools for publishing an iOS app

The problem with Xcode is it only runs on a macOS computer and here we are trying to develop an iOS app using Windows. So the issue starts here. Anyhow, let’s discuss some alternatives that will help us run the Xcode on our Windows operating system and let us develop an iOS app. 

You may choose from three different services

  • A dedicated Mac: Give you access to a physical Mac located in the data center.
  • A virtual Mac: Gives you access to a virtual Mac located in the data center.
  • Mac Build Server: This is a specialized Mac which can be used to compile iOS apps.

Which one should you be choosing?

A dedicated Mac. Why?

It is most convenient for you to use and also very powerful.

Tip: When we run Xcode using Mac in the cloud, we may not connect our iPhone via USB. We can use the iPhone simulator in Xcode and debug our app with it to solve the issue.  We can also use tools such as Nomachine, Flexihum, or USB Network Gate.

Coding iOS apps with Xcode and Swift

Start with installing macOS on our Windows pc using VirtualBox. The two things you need to run macOS on windows using VirtualBox are,

  • Copy of macOS (download from App store)
  • Virtual machine tool, e.g., VirtualBox

The next steps are,

  • Install VirtualBox
  • Compile the macOS installer
  • Start VirtualBox
  • Launch macOS
  • Finally, launch Xcode

Requirements for compatibility:

  • 4-8GB ram
  • Inteli5/i7 compatible CPU
  • At least 10GB hard disk space
Making iOS App on Windows

Building our "Hackintosh" by installing macOS on our pc.

What is Hackintosh? It is a pc that can run macOS, similar to installing macOS in a virtual machine or the cloud. 

We can choose to have a dual boot system where we can host both Windows and macOS. 

Building Hackintosh

When building a Hackintosh, you have to know clearly about the hardware as not all hardware cannot support macOS. To successfully make a Hackintosh, visit, where you will be guided through the steps. 

Swift for Windows

To run Swift code on Windows,

  • Download latest version of Swift for Windows
  • Run the program

Final Thoughts!

Well, the processes are a bit tricky. You need to have a vast knowledge of software and hardware too. However, if you are trying to develop an iOS app, we are guessing you know the basics.