What Are the Main Factors Affecting App Store Ranking?​

Apple app store has over 2million apps, and there are 20 million registered iOS app developers with 500million weekly visitors (source: businessofapps). Those big numbers make the app store a great platform for new developers to start their careers. But as it is a big platform, it is hard to rank an app in the app store and reach people. This is a big challenge for new app developers. Today I will discuss the top four ranking factors of the app store here to make it clear to you, and you will know what Are the Main Factors Affecting App Store Ranking.

  1. Title of your app.
  2. Targeted keywords.
  3. The number of downloads.
  4. Reviews and ratings.

Main Factors Affecting App Store Ranking

Main Factors Affecting App Store Ranking

Title of your app

The keywords in the title of your app are more important than the keywords attached to your app, and you will be shocked to know that apps which have keywords in their title rank, on average 10.3% higher than the apps that have no keywords on the title (source: tune.com). Many app developers neglect this and don’t use short titles for brandable app titles. But it is possible to create a title related to your app with the most popular keywords, and it is worth doing because you can get so much better results from it.

  • Use well-researched keywords related to your app.
  • Do not use irrelevant keywords on the title of your app.

Targeted keywords

The keywords in the app store work similar to SEO keywords and directly impact the search ranking. But in the app store, you can only use 100 keywords. So you have to choose your keywords wisely and do proper research.

  • You should use the full allocation of characters and don’t target additional search terms.
  • A winning keyword has a good volume competition trade-off, but it matches the searches made for the apps which belong to your app category.


Optimization can help you to increase your app store rank. But Apple in-app search algorithms are designed to provide the best experience to its users, so the key metric of apple also looks at the number of downloads your app gets.

  • The more people download your app, the more your in-app search ranking of the app store increases.
  • If new apps are downloaded frequently, they will rank faster.

Reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings create the first impression of an app, and more importantly, it also helps to improve the ranking of your app.  According to Apple algorithms, reviews and ratings make a lot of sense.

  • Apps with positive reviews and ratings better exposure and gets an increased number of downloads.
  • The apps that have above four stars get a ranking boost, and apps below 3stars get a penalty (source: Fiksu).
  • Ratings and reviews have a strong relationship with the number of your app downloads.

Getting ratings and reviews on your apps is not that hard. You have to enhance the user experience and keep your app glitch-free with updates and bug fixes. You should respond to the negative reviews as well and inform them about fixes and updates you are making to keep your app glitch-free.

If you focus on these four ranking factors of the app store, you can get see the difference. Getting higher app ranking in the app store means your apps will get a lot of user attention, and the apps that appear on top of search results are preferred and trusted by users. Even if your app is good enough if your app doesn’t have a better ranking, you will not be able to get reach your targeted users. So you have to keep these four key points in mind before promoting your app.