iOS app review guidelines: Rules Set by iOS System in 2020​

When we devise an app for the iOS platform, we must know the necessary review guidelines set by the iOS itself. iOS would want to provide a safe experience for its user and create an excellent opportunity for the developers. Keeping that in mind, they have gathered some rules on their website. Today we have tried to give a summarized view on the iOS app review guidelines, which was upgraded in 2020

App review Guideline by iOS in 2020

IOS divided all the necessary app review guidelines in two main zone. They have introduced policies for “Before you submit” and “After you submit.” So let’s look at them in detail, 

iOS app review guidelines

Before You Submit

  • Carry tests of your app for crashes and bugs. 
  • All necessary information and metadata should be completed.
  • Give an update of your contact information. 
  • Introduce a demo account with login information
  • Provide necessary hardware or resources to review the app. 
  • You have to enable the backend services. 
  • Give a detailed view of non-obvious features. 
  • Check if the app follows necessary guidance such as safety, performance, business, design, legal, and privacy. 

At this point, we will look at the essential guidance in detail, 


You have to make sure that you are making the users feel confident about sharing their details when purchasing or downloading your app. You can not use derogative words, harm, or damage the user and their information or their device. In simple terms, you cannot offend your users by any means. 

Business or getting the app to monetize

There are myriads ways you can approach to monetize your app. However, if your app design or business model is not clear enough, try to cover it in metadata and App Review notes.

According to App store guideline, if the purpose of your app or In-app purchases is not apparent, you may experience a delay in reviewing and even may get rejection.

Additional Do’s and Don’ts


  • You can display your app for purchase or promotion within the app.
  • Include full editorial content for the app.
  • Wallet passes can be used for financial operations for the app.
  • Those apps that are insured must be free.
  • If you are an approved nonprofit institutions you can carry fundraising activity in the app.

Apps for financial purposes should come from financial institutions


  • You cannot make an interface for displaying third-party apps.
  • You cannot monetize built-in capabilities provided by the hardware or operating system.
  • You cannot artificially increase the number of ads or impressions.
  • If you are not an approved nonprofit institution, you cannot fundraise within the app.
  • You cannot arbitrarily restrict users from using the app.
  • You should allow the users to use those features that they have paid for. You cannot ask for extra promotion.
  • You cannot artificially manipulate the user’s status, visibility, or rank.
  • You cannot force the users for review or rating.

Design guidelines

Building an app for the iOS platform cannot be of mediocre quality. You have to maintain standard resolution for the images and the interface, and that too should be approved by the iOS community. 

Having a design at the beginning is not enough. To keep up with the pace, you have to work on improving or updating the interface regularly. 

Legal works

You have to obey all the legal regulations based on the location where you release them. If you are not clear, check with a lawyer to get all the details of legal works.

Working on privacy

Without a system that works best to protect your users’ privacy, you cannot get approved by the iOS platform. So make sure that you build a system that allows maximum safety to your user. Luckily, Apple or iOS platform also assist in this context.

After the submission, what to expect

Timing.You can expect to get approved by the iOS platform as soon as possible unless your app is complex and is not clear with its context. Also, make sure you abide by all the rules and regulations. 

Status.You can keep an eye on the status usign App store connect

Request for expedite. If you have urgent issues or critical timing, you can request an expedited review with all the necessary documents. 

Release date. When you get a release date, you can not expect to see the app in the App store before the date. 

If the get rejected. If your app gets rejected for some purpose, you can use the resolution center to communicate and address the issue. 

Final words!

So these are the rules updated by the iOS platform in 2020 to review the app for release. The idea is given concisely. You can visit the website for detail. Always make sure you follow all the rules and strategies and submit your app for review.