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Maybe you are tired of standing in an empty restaurant, and you might be thinking about what went wrong. Most of the people often struggle to keep their restaurant full throughout the week. So, today I will provide you with tips to increase your restaurant traffic.

Tips to increase restaurant traffic:

Tips to Increase Restaurant Traffic

Provide samples

Grab people’s attention passing by your restaurant. You can create samples of your fan favorites and hang them out of your store for people to taste. This is a great way to attract new customers and let people know about the quality of your food. If you give people a teaser of what you are offering at your restaurant, they can know if your food is worth their money or not. This is so helpful because most of the people are afraid to go to a new restaurant to eat because they are not sure about the food quality and hesitate to invest.

Attract your local community

You can attract your local community by participating in local happenings and giveaway. You can also host different events, and you should keep an eye out for figuring out what special occasions are happening in your area and participate in those occasions to get recognition.

Target different audience depending on the location

You can promote your content, depending on the different locations of your audience. This technique is useful for targeting a specific audience. You can use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter because these platforms allow you to advertise depending on different locations. Example: You can specify your Facebook adds depending on age, gender, location.

Target different audience depending on the location

If you are confused about which show to invest in, you can do research based on which shows are prevalent in your area for reaching a significant number of crowd. You also have to promote your hosted events through emails and social media ads.

Host a happy hour

Hostin a happy hour has been an old trend for bars and restaurants. But you can make your happy hours more exciting by not just providing discounted alcohol. You can have a specific time where you can give something unique, which is not available on your menu. This is a great idea because people always keep looking for happy hours.

You can start a reward system

You can make a loyalty reward system for your potential customers. This increases the chances of repeated customers, and according to the survey, 76% of consumers spend more than a new customer (source: montreal360). That’s why you should reward your loyal customers. You can create this reward system in the form of punch cards, token, membership cards, etc. This is a very cost-efficient way to thank your loyal customers, and 64%  of restaurant owners say that they earn more than the cost to keep up.

Online presence

Nowadays, everyone researches about something before visiting or buying something. So it’s so essential to build an online presence. Most of the consumers depend on online searches before making a buying decision. If you have a robust online presence and good rating, people will trust your restaurant and come to try your delicious foods.

Google my business

Google, my business(GMB) is sufficient for making an online presence. As mentioned, consumers rely much on search engines to make a buying decision because they are searching to make their next best dining experience. Google algorithm is robust and organized, and they also let you provide your address, phone number, open hours, and all the necessary information. So, it would help if you don’t miss the chance to reach more people by simply opening creating your profile on google my business.

Focus on reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings have a significant impact on people’s decision making. You should encourage your customers to provide a review after they finished dining. You can do this in different ways, like you can reach them through a simple prompt email asking for a rating depending on the overall dining experience at your restaurant. This step is important because Google ranks businesses that have more reviews and ratings faster, and companies with positive reviews and ratings get faster recognition and more online presence.


The online world and social media have a significant impact nowadays. You have to decorate your restaurant and fix the lighting of your restaurant aesthetically so that it looks picture perfect. This attracts a lot of new customers, and you also get free promotion of your restaurant as people take pictures and post them on social media by tagging your restaurant.