How to Respond to TripAdvisor Reviews? Best Guide in 2021

TripAdvisor is one of the revolutionary platforms in the world of reviews and a community of buyers and sellers. Millions of people have shared and still sharing their traveling experiences and opinions in there, also their thought on particular businesses. In this blog post I’m going to share some unique tips about How to Respond to TripAdvisor Reviews.

People go there to find some authentic reviews to make the final decision. Although TripAdvisor provides various other services, reviews are the primary focus of this platform. And if you’ve a business listed on this website, it’s natural that you’ll get reviews queries as well based on your service. 

Also, it’s natural to get both positive and negative reviews. But no matter what the reviews are about, as a business owner, you must respond to those reviews to maintain transparency and goodwill. And here’s how you can do that!

Why Respond to TripAdvisor Reviews

It’s essential to respond to the reviews or queries you get, whether on your website or any other sites. And when you’re on TripAdvisor, nearly 463 million people worldwide are watching you. There are no doubt reviews represent your business and services, but how you respond describes how you treat your customers, and that’s what actually matters.

In TripAdvisor, the reviews or recommendations a business gets, it helps the company to receive 21% more bookings than those who don’t. Also, the companies which respond to the reviews regularly on the website tend to get bookings quickly and frequently than those who don’t. 

Responding to reviews also helps you to get ranked up and allows appearing more on the search results of potential customers. That’s why, as a business operator, you should never avoid responding to the reviews you get.

responding to TripAdvisor reviews​

Steps for responding reviews

Step-1: First, you’ve to register your business on TripAdvisor’s Management Centre. After the registration, you’ll get verified, and you’ll see in the top right corner an option called “Your Business.” By clicking there, you’ll be able to access and respond to the reviews.

Step-2: Open the menu bar on the top and select “Respond to Reviews.”

Step-3: Select any review you want to respond by clicking it on the left-hand sidebar. You can also filter them by date, year, language, or title to find any specific reviews.

Step-4: There’ll be a box under your selected reviews, and there you’ve to respond. There’s no word limit, but you should keep the response as concise as possible. 

Step-5: Lastly, click on the “Submit” button, and you’re done!

Steps for responding reviews​

Things to do after an inappropriate review

We’ve already mentioned that getting negative reviews aren’t unusual. But sometimes spamming or extremely aggressive reviews and appear which can affect your business severely. In that case, TripAdvisor suggests you do a few things.

Review what's happened

After getting a bad review, try not to lose your anger. Take a deep breath and figure out what actually happened and whose fault is this. Also, check if any other member has reported something like this or not. Check the profile of the review giver to know if it's fake. Don't rush to respond.

Incorporate a feedback

Submit a polite response. Ask forgiveness if appropriate also offer them to fix the problem. And if the problem can't be fixed, ask them what they want and how you can compensate for their damage. And if you're confident that no fault has done by your side, write your defense in a calm and robust tone. Never write to attack anyone.

Complete a management response

TripAdvisor lets you give a management response. This type of response is not addressed to anyone. You can share it by addressing the unknown audience and future customers. Here you can share the details and other additional information you wish to point out.

If necessary, report the review.

You can apply to the TripAdvisor authority to remove any reviews based on few facts. Such as, If the reviews are suspicious, against the TripAdvisor Guidelines or posted to the wrong property.

If the TripAdvisor finds your report justified based on the above facts, it’ll remove the reviews. But if they don’t see anything appropriate, those reviews will stay. The website doesn’t support any personal vengeance between the parties to remove any reviews. 

Bottom Line: TripAdvisor helps a business to reach as many customers as possible, no matter how small or new business you have. It provides all the facilities and guidelines so that both the customers and companies can have a healthy environment to do their activities. As TripAdvisor’s primary focus is sharing reviews, companies can use this opportunity for the betterment of themselves only if they do that wisely.