6 Effective Ways on How to Prevent Bad App Reviews​

It is a question that every single app developers ponder. Why? Well, no matter if you have received a significant number of good reviews, a few negative ones may way down the overall rating. Nevertheless, there are ways you can address this issue by following some simple yet effective strategies. So we have brought ideas that would help you prevent bad reviews from your app and hence may increase your rank or position in the stores. 

Pay attention to User expectation 

It is one of the crucial elements for you to avoid bad reviews. If the users do not find what they expect from the app, then the downturn is apparent. It’s always better that you research the market and users’ expectations before and after making an app. You can thus develop an app based on User’s preferences and improve later studying their activities.

How to Prevent Bad App Reviews

Carry tests for your app

Before you actually put the app in the market, do as many as tests as you can. You can take help from your friends, relatives, or colleagues. For an android app, Google helps release a beta version of your app, which you can invite our inner circle to do testing. If it is an app developed for iOS, you may need to follow the former prior strategy.

Do not wait to reply to a negative review

All kinds of reviews should matter. If you neglect the terrible reviews, your rank in the stores will not only go down but will affect your app and your brand in a long haul. So pay attention to reviews and immediately reply to the negative ones. Negative reviews could help you improve your app as well as user experiences. So reply instantly to negative feedback and try to address the issue as soon as possible.

Reply again to a negative review that was about bug issue

Unless you are a humongous app developer, you may not know how to tackle the annoying bugs. They will be there to annoy your app and your users with their experiences. This eventually leads to negative reviews by the users. Nevertheless, when you could fix the bug problem, please reconnect or update your reply to the reviewers who had bugs issues. In this way, you could let them know you have resolved bugs’ issues, and they can comfortably use it again.

Allow users to connect to you easily

This could be a great plus point for you as a developer since many users may want to reach you for their problems and other activities. So if they find an easy way to reach you, this would create a positive vibe for your app. You can make this process easy by following some simple support systems such as, 

In-app support

Customer care contact


Chat (Bot system)

Discussing issues in social platforms, eg. Facebook group

Take advantage of the review site/video

Users and consumers online have become relied on reviews from sites or bloggers/vloggers. Reviews help them understand clearly about their experiences and influence largely on their downloading decision. So when you introduce it to the market, have them reviewed from bloggers or vloggers.

With excellent exposure for your app, you are also getting ideas to improve your users’ performance. This could effectively help you from getting bad reviews in the future. 

In a nutshell, we now know negative reviews could overpower and create a poor impression overall. However, if you follow these strategies carefully, you may successfully avoid issues with bad reviews. Try the ideas and implement them immediately. You will surely get a good result and also let us know how much it helped.