How to Get Your App Featured on App Store?​

Apple is one of the most popular players in the mobile market. We can agree on that easily and one of the biggest companies in the world. Around 50% of Americans use some versions of the iPhone.

If you publish your apps in the app store, you will be able to reach 15% of all smartphone users (source: appradar). That’s a massive amount and a big deal.

Benefits of getting your apps featured in the app store

The today tab designed by apple makes your app reach a large number of users: Apple-designed this todays tab to look more modern and a displayed magazine on a storefront. You can get an innumerable number of interactions, click through rates and installs through this feature.

Besides that featured app receive an authentication mark. This indicates that your app is selected by apple as high-quality and excellent functionality. This increases the trust of users, which increases the number of installs.

How to Get Your App Featured on App Store?

Getting your app featured in the app store is not that easy, but it’s worth your time and effort. You have to remember that apple emphasizes the design so much. They prefer a sleek design, and this is implemented in their contents. To get your apps featured on the app store, you have to follow the following steps:

App Featured on App Store

Design a sleek user interface (UI) for your app

  • Your app function needs to be natural, and you have to make the flow or scrolling smooth.
  • You can get a group of testers who fits in your targeted audience and take reviews from them. They can let you know about the flaws in your app interface.
  • Your app should look modern. If your app has good functionality, but it looks like an app from 2010, then that’s not going to work.
  • Apple knows that good UI design matters to mobile app platforms, and they give rewards for it.

Update your apps regularly

  • You should always update your apps by using the latest version of swift and integrating Apple APIs.
  • Providing regular updates to the app shows apple and your users that your app is stable, and you care about your app.

Optimize App localization

  • Apple doesn’t feature your app if it’s available to only a few countries because they have a worldwide audience.
  • You have to optimize each of your app localization. Because of two countries use the same language you cannot just copy and paste you have to optimize both of them.

Improve APP accessibility

  • Your app has to be accessible to everyone and check the four major disability domains

    • Vision
    • Hearing
    • Physical and motor skill.
    • Learning and literacy

    You don’t have to invent something apple has prebuilt features. You just need to implement it in the right way.

How to Get Your App Featured

Optimize your app

  • Set a name for your app that gives a clear idea about your app. Include keywords in your app to make them rank well in search results.
  • Provide screenshots of your app in the app description.
  • Create a preview of your app. Previews are videos of user experience of your app, highlighting the main features of it.
  • Put well researched and relevant keywords. App Store has a keyword limit of 100 characters so you have to choose them wisely.

Fill the “get featured on the App store” form

  • If you want to feature your app on app store, you have to fill out the form. You tell apple about the story of your app here and what your app does for the users.

The Last Step

  • Here apple asks you for a promotional design asset for featuring your app. After submitting your form, you will receive an email from Apple where they ask you for visuals which they want to feature to your app. This means Apple is considering to feature your app and which is a win. But you still have to sell Apple your app and create visually appealing promotional art. And always remember apple focuses on design.

    Congratulations! Your app is now featured in the App store, and you have to maintain your app now properly to hold your position.