7 Cool and Effective ways to get Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot is an online business reviewing site founded in Denmark in 2007. This website was established to represent businesses to the vast consumer base and give a clear idea about the businesses they are interested in. It lets users communicate with companies.



Trustpilot can be very beneficial for your business.

  • Trustpilot business reviews is public and anyone can share their thoughts about your company here. This transparency ensures that the reviews provided are real and this increases the credibility, popularity and reputation of your company.
  • Trustpilot reviews are voice of consumers and customer reviews are trusted 12 times more than manufacturer descriptions and can result in an 18% increase in sales (source: Econsultancy).
  • It’s a great platform to promote your business and increase traffic to your site.
  • Trustpilot reviews increase the trust of consumers to your business.


You can get Trustpilot reviews by following these simple tricks.

Ask for a review from your customers.

While having a conversation with your customers, request them to leave a Trustpilot review. It may sound familiar because, more or less, we all have been asked for reviews after using a business service, and this really works.

Send an email invitation

There are a large number of consumers who forget about providing reviews. Sometimes reminding them politely gets your job done. Besides, invitation makes it easier for users to give reviews and people are more likely to provide a review if they are asked through the mail.

Your review invitation emails should be short and organized because quick and organized mails get the most response.

Provide links in your current mail

If its too much trouble for you to mail everyone then its easier for you to insert a link to your assesment page on Trustpilot and in all of your mail.

Provide a link to your website

You can provide a link on your website, which directly takes users to your company’s Trustpilot profile, where they can submit reviews.

Use postcards in your package

It would be best if you considered making a postcard. It’s easy to make an attractive postcard for attracting customers to provide reviews. You should add postcards in every package you send and show customers the easy and simple ways of giving Tripadvisor reviews.

Integrate your feedback collection directly on your products

To make the review collection easier Trustpilot has introduced feedback stickers to all the customers. It will help if you think outside the box. You can add feedback on your products, parcels, packaging, and flyers. If you add feedbacks to these, then the response rate will increase, and it will also increase the response rate.You should always choose the moments when your customers are most engaged. You should do this after the delivery of your product.

You can use third-party review platforms like Trustpilot

There are so many online review platforms out there, and Trustpilot is one of them. These review sites offer business reviews which help businesses collect customer feedback about their company and improve their services. Some review sites are open, and anyone can leave reviews on these sites so other consumers can know about business from these review sites.

So, these were some tips and tricks to get Trustpilot reviews and get more traffic to your site.