How To Get Positive App Reviews - The Easiest & Effective Ways​

A brand new journey actually begins when we are done giving life to our very own app idea. To make it run successfully on the stores, we need to make sure that we are getting positive feedback from the users. User opinions play a crucial role as based on specific reviews others decide whether to have this app installed on their device or not. Moreover, this whole idea also determines the position it will have in the app or play store.

Therefore now we know how important it is to have positive reviews for our app. Nevertheless having adequate numbers of positive reviews aren’t so easy to get. The reviews from the people you know may not also suffice in order to put your app in a decent ranking. Also, users rarely put good reviews on their own unless they have a negative experience to do. So what should we do in such regard? Well, we are here for your help. Let us discuss simple and the easiest ways on how to get positive app reviews.

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Easiest Ways on How to get positive app reviews:

How To Get Positive App Reviews

Embrace both positive and negative feedback​

With the positive reviews, you should also be expecting negative ones. Are you going to avoid them? No, that would not be so wise. Your duty is to make sure the users are experiencing excellent services from your app, and you could only make that happen if you improve your app quality based on both good and bad feedback. Once again, when you are conscious of a bad review, you can immediately reprimand the issue based on the user’s judgement. So never leave behind a review even if it is a bad one. 

Use plugins for the app review

Yes, there are myriads useful plugins out there for your help. Their prime objective is to ask for reviews from the users. This means you do not need to worry about approaching a user for a review on your app, but the plugins will automatically generate a system. When you work set the plugins on your app, make sure you set the preferences correctly. You do not want the plugin to ask the user for a review immediately after the installation. Make the system such as the system will approach a user for a review after they have used it enough to make a better judgement. 

Allow a User-friendly and Easy Review Platform

So when you are approaching a user for a review, you do not want a complex system. Try to set up a user friendly and easy platform. Also, make sure the review takes a short time from the reviewers. In this way, many app users may not mind writing a review. 

Easy Review Platform_

Communicate directly with the users using Helpshift

With the integration of Helpshift in your app, you can directly have a two-way chat with your users. With this system, the app users could put their feedback immediately using the chat option. This also reduces the risk of getting negative emotions from the users. Also, you do not need extra time and effort to set up an email and to reply.

Arrange contest and Giveaways

Arranging contest is another brilliants ways you can help engage your users hence increase positive reviews. So how is it like? Well, it could be simple games or surveys the users would be taking. Or you could also ask the users to share your app in different social platforms. In return, you could arrange gifts/giveaways for the users that incorporates the most. Also, you can offer in-app goods from your app that needs to be purchased. 

Utilise feedback from social media

This is really important as a vast amount of people are using social media globally. Make sure you have a place for your app in social media. For example, you could create a group page on the Facebook platform. The engagement here from your part is necessary. When you raise a topic, the users linked on social media may reply and let you know their thoughts. In such a way, you are getting instant feedback and reviews from your users. 

Let the users know the benefits of giving ratings

This could be a brilliant way for you to engage your users. The users have the tendency to feel helpful when using a platform. So yes if you could show them, they are playing a beneficial role for you to develop your app they may not shy away from giving reviews. Also, with a small review, it is your duty that you let them know through messages or even a small gift that their review was crucial for you to improve the app user experiences. 

Finally, creating an app does not mean that your role ends here. To make it through the stores and to attract a lot of users, you need to work on bringing positive feedback for your app. So in a nutshell, 

keep improving it based on the user experiences and technical changes. Do not shy away from approaching the users for their review. And never avoid a review if it is a bad one since you may not be knowing where to improve. Try to use the social platforms to both highlights your app and for feedback.