How to Delete Yelp Account: The 4 Easy Way To Do This

By now, I am guessing you know what Yelp is. However, to refresh your memory, Yelp is one of the popular online platforms where the users can give their valuable insights into any business places such as restaurants, shops, etc. 

Yelp is undoubtedly an incredible platform, but you may need to delete your account at times for specific reasons. Nevertheless, you should remember that deleting the account would bring consequences that imply closing everything related to Yelp, removal of reviews from the website, or terminating your Yelp elite membership if you have owned one.

Having said that, let’s get to the business. Our objective is to find out how to delete the Yelp account. So with this piece, we have illustrated in some simple steps how you can remove your Yelp account from the website or the app. 

So let’s begin!

Delete Yelp Account From Computer

Open the Website. Start with opening the Yelp website from any preferred browser. Below is the homepage. 

Go To yelp website

Log in to your account. The next step is to get logged in to your account. You should have one by this time. Find the log in option on the upper right corner.

Login Your Yelp account

Find the Yelp account closure page. Upon logging in to your account, find the Yelp account closure page optionand enter. You have to send a request here to close your Yelp account. You may want a put a line or two to support your reason for termination of your account. When you are done, press  send.

Delete Yelp Account

4.Confirmation email. When you are done sending your request, you will receive a confirmation mail sent to the email address you used to open your account.

If you have opened the account with Facebook or Google, the email will be sent to the mail address linked to your Facebook or Google account. 

So this is, in short, how you can successfully delete your Yelp account using a browser. Keep in mind that once you remove it from the website, the account cannot be used in the App as well. We believe the process is easily and vividly illustrated. 

FAQ Of Deleting Yelp Account

Ans: No, upon the deletion of the Yelp account, the Yelp Elite membership is also removed. 

Ans: Yes, you must log in to your account if you want to remove your Yelp account from the website or the App. 

Ans: Yes, it is a must to write something to make a Yelp account closure request. However, it can be only a word or two. 

Ans: No, your reviews will no longer be showing online when you delete your account. 

Ans: The confirmation email will be sent to the email address affiliated with your Facebook account.