How to Change App name (Google Play And App Store)

When you develop an App, you must give a name that is both catchy and attracts the target audience. What would you do if you want to change the name for your already published app? 

The process is reasonably straightforward, and today we will discuss how to change App name. So stay tuned if you stumbled upon such an issue and trying to figure out some ways. 

We will be giving information for both Google play and App store (for iOs device)

So lets find out the steps on how to change app name.

Simple ideas on How to Change App name​

Changing Your App Name in Google Play

Steps you should be following are, 

  1. Enter google play console and find your app.
  2. Enter your app, named ‘X.’
  3. Click on the menu located on the side.
  4. Find ‘Store presence’ and tap.
  5. Now select ‘store listing.’ You would find it on the secondary menu. 
  6. Find the title section. Write the new name in the title box. 
  7. Finally, click on ‘submit update’ to finish the process. You would find it in the lower right corner.

Changing your app name in the App Store (iOS device)

To be able to change your app name in an iOS device you need to follow the below steps, 

  1. Open iTunes connect.
  2. Find your app and select it.
  3. Now find ‘App information.’ 
  4. Once again, find a ‘new version or platform.’ Tap on it. 

With creating a new app version, the changes will be immediately shown on the app store. 

You can now go back and change the name for your app. 

To effectively change the name, you need to submit it like a new app review. You will see the change when it is approved and released on the app store

So with following these easy steps, you will be able to rename your app both on Android and iOS devices. Follow the steps carefully to get an effective result.