How to build brand trust? Useful Tips And Tricks ​

At this point, building brand trust is so important because people research on the internet about a brand before trusting them, which makes modern customers so different than they were several decades ago. Consumers make their purchase decisions based on online research. Stats show that 61% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision (source: lucidpress). Consumers always look for reasons to trust your brand before spending their money.

Useful tips and tricks to build brand trust

According to 62% of Americans, corruption is widespread in corporate America (source: comstocksmag), so you should lack behind if you are unable to build brand trust because people always rely on trusted and big brands. Here are some tips and tricks for significant trust building:

How to build brand trust

Focus on your content

There is a saying called content is king. Quality content is a significant asset for a company; it doesn’t matter where you are posting your content; you should always post quality content. It creates a positive impression of your company among the users.

Before writing content, you should research the type of content your competitors are posting and keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. It would help if you fill the gaps and mistakes your competitors have made on your content. This will make you better and different than them and let you stand up in the competition. You have to keep in mind that 80% of your content should be useful and non- promotional. 

On the other 20% of your content, you can talk about your products and services. By writing informative and reliable content rather than making content for marketing your products, you will be able to build trust in your brand among the people. It will also enhance your brand authority and brand presence.

Try to engage your consumers in two way communication

Today’s consumers like to follow and keep a good relationship with their trusted brand. You can use social media for individually connect to your loyal consumer base. If you can impress one consumer by your service and communication, you can go viral and generate positive press coverage.

It will help if you interact with your consumer regularly to engage your consumers successfully. You must have to maintain a substantial social media presence. You should actively monitor your pages and actively respond to your consumers personally and try to provide a clear explanation to them. 

By being responsive, it will be possible for you to build a positive relationship with your consumers. Building a good relationship with your consumers is essential for making a good brand reputation as a trusted brand.

building a brand trust

Host different events

You can host a live FAQ on social media or a demo in Periscope, or you can also host a webinar on your website. These live videos are a great way to build trust online. One of the downsides of hosting a live event is they require a lot of planning, but they are worth giving a try because they provide significant results. Live events are trusted and motivates interest because they are unedited. 

You can engage your customers to live and answer your customer FAQ instantly while they are watching. As these events are live, your consumers will know that these answers are not scripted or edited. People take these answers as authentic and trust them. So hosting different live events online is a great and effective way to build brand trust.

Be consistent

It will help if you are consistent with everything to manage a brand properly. Starting from your brand logo to your tone, you have to be compatible with everything you do and everything you say. Consistency is a strong point of building brand recognition and brand trust.

5.Inspire user-generated content

76% of millennial consumers said that contents shared by ordinary people are more trusted than contents shared by brands (source: adweek). Another survey shows that 92% of people said that they trust the recommendations of other people, even ones they don’t know, over contents posted by brands (source: expertvoice). User-generated contents show that peoples are enjoying your products, and this builds trust among the new customers.