How to become Yelp Elite | 7 Easy & Effective Tips on

If you have a Yelp account and have already done one to few reviews, you know how you can become an elite on your Yelp account. The badge sounds hugely desirable and hard to get. 

Well, it is not at all difficult to get if you follow some basic rules. Yelp will be pleased to honor you with their prestigious badge. And you must know this badge gives you myriads of benefits too. 

So let’s find out together how you can become a Yelp elite. We have bundled together a few tips that are super easy to follow yet effective. 

Tips You Should Follow to Become Yelp Elite Member

  1. Use check-in. So when you have an account on Yelp, don’t forget to check-in when you visit a restaurant or any business place. By checking in, you are justifying your account on the Yelp as well as the business page. So press the “check-in” option whatever business places you go to. 

You are also required to write a short review, which can be found just under the check-in option. Don’t forget to give a small and useful review. This way, you are highlighting and making your existence strong.

  1. Take time to write detailed reviews. When you want something prestigious, you need to work a little hard rather than write a line or a word in your review. So be a dear Yelp user and write a review that gives others details about the place. Writing a detailed report not only helps others, but Yelp and the business place will also notice you vastly.
  1. Attach photos. It’s not that important. However, when you aim for the elite position, it won’t hurt to add some of the fantastic images you clicked from your visit. Once again, you are helping yourself achieve the badge and helping others to know better about the place. 
  1. Create lists. What does making lists mean? Well, since you have been writing reviews, you do not want them all over the place. Instead, create a list so that anyone could follow based on the groups you made. So you can make lists giving generic titles such as “favorite breakfast place” “favorite natural environment” and so on. 
  1. Add Yelpers. It may sound weird to add random yelpers. But trust me, it is not at all odd. When you find yelpers from your locality and regularly interact with them about reviews and the similar places you visit, that is helping one another as well as Yelp and the business place. This is an excellent task to get noticed by Yelp and the business place you visit. Remember! You also get to know and make new friends. 
  1. Ask for nomination. So this is one must-have requirement that you have to fulfill to get the Yelp elite badge. Therefore, ask for nomination from someone who is already an elite Yelper. If you don’t know anyone from your close contact reach for someone with an elite badge and politely ask for a nomination


  2. Check the minimum requirements. So you can not just follow all the steps religiously without knowing the conditions. So what are the minimum requirements? Let’s check out!
    · Age at least 21 years
    · Real name and photo
    · You can not be a business owner

    Once you meet the requirements and get a nomination from fellow yelpers, you will be notified of the process. Wait for a few weeks to get your elite yelp badge. So don’t procrastinate. Start today to get the desired elite yelp badge. The identification not only is prestigious but is beneficial too.

become Yelp Elite

Ans: Well, this is a recognition given to you if you are an active yelper.

Ans: The few of the highlighted benefits of getting an elite yelp badge are, 
· Getting invited to exclusive events
· Getting exposed to unique business ideas and influencers
· Getting exclusive experiences

Ans: You have to be at least 21 to apply for the badge.

Ans: No, you can not apply for the badge if you are the owner of a business.

Ans: Yes, you must have a nomination to get the badge.