How to Ask Customers for Reviews | tips and tricks

In today’s world, reviews are so much powerful that it can both build and destroy a business or brand. And there’s no way to think that if a company is already well-known or established, getting more reviews or giving focus on this should be stopped. Because there’s so much competition that only building a good reputation is not enough; you’ve to maintain consistency. 


Nowadays, consumers trust an unknown customer’s opinion more than a renowned brand. In a study of BrightLocal, it was found that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. 


That’s why it’s essential to get reviews from your happy consumers. But don’t think that they’ll just come automatically. Getting reviews is a very challenging task without making the customers feel pressured or disturbed. So how to get meaningful feedback engagingly?

Never too soon. Never too late.

You have to ask customers for the reviews. Yes, people like to talk but not if they’re interested. But don’t get confused whether to ask or not. Reviews won’t come if you don’t start the conversation first. A survey by Pew Research revealed that 7 out of 10 people are willing to write feedbacks, but only 1 of them does. 


That means you’ve to take the first step to change this ratio for your website/page. But remember one thing, timing is very crucial for asking reviews. You shouldn’t ask for reviews immediately after purchase because the customer may not have used your product just after the purchase, and they may not be ready to give reviews.


On the other hand, if you wait too much, your customers may not be interested anymore to give feedback or may forget their experience to provide a detailed response. That’s give them some time to explore and build a time schedule for each customers and ask them on the basis of that planning.

Ask Customers for Reviews

Create profiles on review sites

More than 93% of people check for reviews while making a purchasing decisionSo, it’s essential that you noticeably present your company’s reviews. Nowadays, people visit different websites to judge your company profile based on reviews. So make sure your profile is there. There are many popular review websites according to industry preference. You just need to choose that suits you best. Some are:

  • Google My Business (any business)
  • Facebook (any business)
  • Yelp (any business)
  • Trip Advisor (related to food, industry travel)
  • Angies List (service realated business)
  • Foursquare (mostly for restaurants)

customers are more prone to visit these sites for both searching and providing feedback. So, your presence there is essential.

Be creative while asking for reviews.

Nowadays, only saying “Please” or being polite tactics are becoming cliché. Nowadays, customers are hard to convince. It’s imperative to be creative to get your job done. So here are some tips and tricks:

1. Give them a reason to hear you and fill up the feedback form. Praise and compliment them, make them feel special. Be friendly and value their opinion.

2. Make sure that the review giving process is simple & swift. You can’t expect people to spend a significant amount of time on providing feedback. And if the customer finds the process too complex, then forget about any good reviews! Be straightforward and ask short questions. The less you waste their time, the more they’ll get interested to give feedbacks.

3. Try to develop personalized requests for each type of purchase or different messages for the same person. It’ll surely grab both the attention and interest of your customer. 

4. Use famous influencer’s reviews on your page/website to make your review section interesting for others. 

5. Lastly, ensure that your business has constant and fresh reviews because 77% of customers don’t trust or lose interest for those websites/pages that have reviews older than three months.

Google Reviews! One thing you shouldn’t miss.

If you want to rank your website, want more traffic and visibility, then you simply can’t skip “Google Reviews.” It’s one thing that your customers will trust without any doubt. Google reviews allow businesses to prove themselves to their potential customers. It also presents an excellent opportunity to improve your rant on local SEO.

Google reviews work as an agent of your brand trust and online exposure so, if you have a good portfolio of Google reviews, then it’s powerful enough to make the conversation alone and to bring more traffic to your website. Because if your business has an excellent rating on Google, customers will find you reliable even if they’ve never read any of your reviews.

But of course, that doesn’t mean you can still rank by manipulating reviews because you may able to deceive your customers, not Google! So, be honest, work hard, and have patience. Google will find you and reward you the way you deserve.

How to Ask Customers for Reviews

Ways to ask & encourage reviews

Now let’s talk about the ways you can ask your customers to give reviews and the rules you should follow!

Ask via personal Email: Using email for feedbacks is one of the easiest and effective ways. Keep your mails short and choose your words correctly. Don’t choose a subject line with too many characters. Know your customer’s touch-point and compose it that way. Use personalized email and an apparent call to action link. Test different email copies to see which one gets the most response.

Ask in person: If you have an offline business, then nothing will work more than asking personally. Train your employees in a way so that they can bond with the customers. But don’t go overboard. Maintain professionalism with a touch of care.

Use feedback survey links: After purchase, you can use pop-ups for the customers with a survey link. You can use survey monkey or Google forms. But remember, make the survey short. The questions should be easy to read.

Google reviews: Google reviews is a popular way to get feedback. Use a short but catchy message and ask them to rate your product/service. 

Facebook reviews: Facebook is an excellent medium for collecting feedbacks, and most people use Facebook to search for other reviews. So, gently ask for their reviews there.

Use discounts or recognize them: Placing a contest for reviews or publicly acknowledging the customer can be a great motivation for getting feedbacks. Customers who give feedbacks frequently can be appreciated by providing coupons or discounts. 

Always send a follow-up email: After getting the review, send a “Thank you” note with a caring message to the customer. It makes them feel that their opinion is being valued.

Always reply: Make sure if there are any queries or complaints from your customer and get in touch with them. It’ll increase rate of positive feedbacks.

Are Reviews really worth it?

Just put yourself in other customer’s shoes and think, would you ever purchase from a website that has lower reviews or no review at all? Certainly no, right? In a study of RevLocal revealed that a single business review can lift its conversation by 10%. It even has SEO impacts on your sites. And Google cares about positive ratings too. And reviews help you get customer’s insight and data which may not have been as easier.

Reviews aren’t just some words or opinion; it’s more than that. It builds trust among your customers. Then again, no pain no gain! Customers are sensitive and demanding. So getting something done by them is highly challenging. It’s better to develop your strategy and then get to work

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