Top 12 Way How does Yelp Makes Money From Online

Yelp is undeniably one of the best places to write reviews on a business place and give the business owners a chance to get feedback from their customers. Isn’t it great! Both the owners and the customers could connect and get ample chances to reprimand. So how Yelp is getting benefitted other than connecting sellers and customers? If you are interested to know, stay tuned. In our article today, we will be discussing on how does Yelp makes money.

Ways Of How Does Yelp Makes Money


You will find both free and paid advertising products in Yelp. With its system, it also reaches a targeted audience based on their interest in products. 

The business profile of Yelps shows almost 97% of the revenue of Yelps was established with advertisements. (Business strategy hub,

The branded profile for business

So the feature is for the business owners. As business owners, when you purchase a branded profile, you will be provided with premium features. So this is another significant way Yelp’s making its money. 

Enhanced profile system

With this system’s purchase, you will be able to block other advertisements on your business listing page on Yelp. 

Verified license from Yelp

If you pay for the upgrade license system, a badge will appear on your Yelp’s business listing page. This helps the business owners to be more profound in terms of their licenses and attract more targeted customers. 

Resale advertisements

Yelp also generates income by reselling some of its advertisements, which is mainly done through agencies such as DexYP. 

How does Yelp Makes Money

Yelp Platform

You can use Yelp to buy things and proceed with the transaction using their site or the app. Yelp has partnered with various companies to make Yelp a buying platform too. For example, you can order food with Yelp Eat24business. Using such a platform also allows multiple offers such as discounts, coupons, etc. 

Deals offered by Yelp

This is one of the substantial ways Yelp is making its money. Yelp deals offer business owners to sell their services in discounted deals. 

Yelp gift certificates

Yelp offers gift certificates to the business owners. They can use this facility and sell their products at full price. With each of the deal, Yelp gets a fee in return. 

Miscellaneous service

Other than offering deals, Yelp also earns from subscriptions, non-transaction, and non-advertising services. 

Reservation Using Yelp

You can easily book and reserve your restaurant, hotels, or venues using Yelp. This can be done when you have a monthly subscription with Yelp. 

Wi-fi Marketing by Yelp

Yelp wi-fi marketing can be enabled through a monthly subscription package. This allows a business place to make wi-fi more accessible for its customers.  

knowledge program of Yelp

With this program, one can have insight into Yelp’s content and historical data. This mostly helps the startup business owners who would like to learn how to run a business such as Yelp. To able to enter the program, you will be asked to pay a program fee. 

Creating opportunities between owners and customers, offering deals, and maintaining corporate partnerships have made it possible for Yelp to flourish in its area. With helping and connecting others, they have devised ideas on how they can be benefitted. They are indeed a success and have come such a long way.