How does Trustpilot work and is it worth using to brand a business

Trustpilot is a platform where businesses can respond to reviews about them, and they also include marketing and analytics features in their paid plans. Trustpilot generates revenue from the companies that subscribe to get business suggestions from them. Trustpilot follows a freebie business model, and they make the majority of their revenue from, companies that subscribe to its services. 

The annual reports show that Trustpilot revenue has a substantial growth of 39% every year since 2014. One of the significant reasons behind Trustpilot’s success is the freedom of opinion of the people. They get the chance to express their thoughts about a business without any hesitation, and all these reviews are unfiltered. People these days don’t blindly enter a shop after seeing an advertisement on TV. Before buying a product or before doing business, they do proper research on the internet. 

They make their buying decision based on reviews and ratings of a product. Trustpilot is trusted the most when it comes to business reviews because of their authenticity, and people believe them. Because sites like TripAdvisor and Amazon have been afflicted by fake reviews, which can be hilarious. But Trustpilot reviews are genuine and trustworthy because of the transparency they maintain.

How does Trustpilot work

How does Trustpilot work , and How Trustpilot can be used to brand a business?

There are a lot of benefits of using Trustpilot for promoting your business. It’s worth using Trustpilot to brand your business because it’s a top-rated site with huge user engagement rates. Here are and some points which make Trustpilot worth branding your business.


Consumer reviews are always preferred by consumers when shopping online. They make informed and smart decisions by going through the reviews.

  • All Trustpilot reviews are public, and peoples are encouraged to share their thought unfiltered. So it gives them the freedom to share their views and opinions about the experience of using your service or products.
  • This transparency of user’s opinions helps a lot in increasing the credibility, popularity, and reputation of a company. This increases the trust of consumers on your business and increases your brand value

The voice of customers

Trustpilot is a review platform made for you and run by you. Users share their experience of buying a product online on Trustpilot which contribute companies for making their shopping experience better. You can be hugely benifitted from this because you can learn about the flaws of your business through the negative reviews and solve them. Customer reviews can also increase your sales. Stats show that customer reviews are trusted 12 times more than manufacturer descriptions and result in an 18% increase in sales (source: Econsultancy).

What are the benefits of Trustpilot

How is Trustpilot essential for branding business?

From an eCommerce perspective, reviews are equally crucial as sales for a brand to sustain their good reputation online. Trustpilot lets you showcase the reliability of your services and products and lets everyone know about the growth of your business. This increases the trust of consumers on your business and creates a positive impression which results in a lot more increased traffic and enhances your online presence.


On an online search result, it’s the visuals that stand out. It doesn’t matter it’s organic or paid. You can add your Trustpilot start rating on your bing, Yahoo, and Google. These campaigns not only raise your quality score but also lowers the CPC(cost-per-click) on ads and also increase the click-through rates.


Reviews are SEO abundant, the consumers who provide reviews about your products r about the experience of doing business with you are eventually generating fresh content for your business. This infuses your website with thousands of rich keywords. This increases the chances of all manner of search results leading to your site, which widely drives potential consumers to your website.

So, with all that being said we can happily admit that Trustpilot is worth using to brand a business because there are a lot more going here rather than branding your business only.