What are some Great Ways to Promote iOS app? 10 Smart Strategies​

Introducing an app for Apple store is profitable as the business is booming here. However, you cannot just make a great app and keep it there to flourish on its own. You have to make sure that the app is reaching the right pupils and getting the maximum exposure. For that, you need to put effort, invest time and some money. 

If you are one of the app developers, you need to follow some particular aspects that would help you in a successful launch your app. So once again, we are here to help you with the process. We would discuss in detail what are some great ways to promote iOS app in the market. 

Great Ways to Promote iOS app

Work on improving user experience

When you keep in mind that the app is developed for the users, and they should be comfortable using it, the term user experience would immediately come to your mind. So yes! as app developers, we need to make sure that the users are enjoying your app design. 

To make this aspect successful, you have to interact with the users from the very beginning of your app development. Bring them to a platform or do market research to know more about the expectations. In this way, you could gather information as you are trying to develop the app. Afterwards, it would be best if you are regularly conducting research, survey and reviews to upgrade on overall user experience. 

Design according to user and iOS requirements

You need to keep in mind about the design. When you do market research and get views from the users, you can get an idea of the design you will be incorporating on your app. 

Apart from that, try to follow the UI/UX design requirements provided by the iOS platform. 

Introduce smart onboarding flow

With the onboarding flow strategy, you could give your app a fantastic view to the users. Failing to implement this strategy smartly may you in risk or the outcome may be a mediocre one.

So what are some smart onboarding techniques?

  • Try to use one screen for a single feature or benefit.
  • Try avoiding too much text.
  • Avoid asking too many personal questions on reviews or surveys.
  • Create smart campaigns.
  • Try to incorporate both educational and fun elements.

Keep an eye on the competitors

You will have myriads of competitors in the market. Some of them are maybe excelling in their ideas. So keep an eye on the features they are introducing and try to improve according.

You must remember the stake is high and the digital arena is improving at an incredible speed. So be prepared to upgrade with the pace.

Introduce both free and paid versions

Yes! It would be best if you give both free and pain options for the users. Anyone with interest may try the free versions. You could also introduce in-app purchase if you do not want to make it totally free.

In that way, you are welcoming a broader audience to your app.

Conduct regular A/B testing

It is a must aspect if you are an app developer. Yes! Do regular testing of your app and improve accordingly.

Link your app to social community

Social platforms are a great way to have massive exposure. When you build accounts, groups in social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you could immediately connect to vast audiences.

Also, encourage your users to get linked to their Facebook profile when using the app.

ios social link

Start blog for your app or approach bloggers/vloggers

Blogging is a great area where you could give a review on your app. You could also invite users to share their experiences and issues on the app.

Moreover, try to connect renowned bloggers/vloggers to get a review on your app. Remember these personals have a great influence on a huge community or audiences. Getting your app reviewed by them would also help you broaden your exposure to the digital market.

Look for the retention rate

Tracking the retention rate of your app gives you an idea of the percentage of users who continued or discontinued using your app from their first installation. If you know how many users left the app after their first use, you can get an idea if there are issues or the experiences they expected aren’t enough. Try to solve the issues or update accordingly.

You cannot Forget App store optimization (ASO)

It is the most important task if you want to take your app in a higher position also bring massive user engagement. It takes time and not that easy to achieve. However, you have to work on it. Avoiding ASO would weigh down the rank of your app. The parts you should be considering for a proper ASO are, 

  • Generating a catchy and relevant name for your app. 
  • Attractive title and description. 
  • Generate relevant and useful keywords.
  • Optimize interface or the visuals which include screen, icon, video and other aspects. 

Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, if you want to see your brilliant app in the top position in the iOS market, you should follow the strategies carefully. Otherwise, your app may get lost in the streams of million apps in the platform. So get ready to do some tasks.