If I come to the point of choosing one of them among Google and YouTube, I would be in dilemma. But, To be honest, Google has the First ranking to be the most popular. And, If You wants to be in the highest popularity of the YouTube community, You should pick the platform of Google.

Google helps your website to get ranked or be in the number 1 position and YouTube helps to you be in the trend of marketing sector. So both Google and YouTube have a successful strategy to develop a business within a very short period but It is important to keep efforts from the own side!

Google vs YouTube

Why Google has the first priority?

Because of being the most popular search engine of the world, people would really love if they index their business through the website in Google. Millions of visitors search their desired information through the Google search engine and get their valuable information. Since the stepping of Google, the users around the world of Google increases gradually.

Statistics say that about 83% of Internet users give priority to Google for searching information and getting valuable data. As well as clients search for a business with the best efficiency that can provide them with the best services. It’s the dream of every marketer to appear their website on the first page of Google.

It is tough to get appeared for the reason of the millions of competitors but not impossible. We have discussed on the 5-star Google reviews and how social media optimization helps your Google ranking. Aren’t You the same one who has desired to make the Google ranking?

Google my business is the plan which helps marketers to get reviews, measure statistics and provide information through your website. A website is an important thing to expose the audiences about Your business and postures. You can generate so much traffic to your website through Google only.

And that many audiences Google provides to your business, No other social media platforms are more worthy to drive that much traffic ever not also the YouTube platform.

So, Google helps users to help through these following things below:

  • Driving traffics to the website.
  • Getting nonstop reviews.
  • Ranking of website.
  • Involves social media platforms.
  • Helps through most effective business strategy.

How does YouTube help a business?

YouTube is popular and efficient when You use it properly. Uploading videos, getting YouTube likes, comments depending on the views are the best opponents of YouTube videos and marketing. As well as earning huge subscribers can help you very efficiently.

And, having YouTube strategy can help your website to grow when you embed the video to the website.

YouTube is the best video sharing platform and it can develop your marketing videos to many subscribers and also drive crazy traffics to your website!

So, both are important to develop your marketing strategy but Google has its significant ways for the marketing sector.