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Benefits of Customer Review sites

Customer review sites are mainly important for two main reasons. Neutral and negative reviews create an opportunity for your company to learn and develop. This lets you detect the flaws of your business where your business is failing to meet customer needs , and it also enhances the experience of customers.

The other major is getting reviews that gives you the opportunity to show it to your potential customers. Positive reviews can give you a lead in the competition. 92% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after reading a positive online review (source: Review sites that let you represent the performance of your company to your targeted consumers.

 Trustpilot is one of the biggest business reviewing sites. But there are some good sites like Trustpilot. I’m discussing about some of them here:

Good Sites Like Trustpilot

Good Sites Like Trustpilot​

Amazon customer reviews

In 1995 Amazon was one of the first sites to feature consumer reviews, and consumers take Amazon reviews as one of the most important factors before making a purchase decision. Even when people buy something outside of Amazon, if the product is available on Amazon, they look for Amazon reviews before buying it.

There are thousands of similar products online, and a lot of competition but those reviews separate your products from others

Angie's List

Angie’s site is a high-end review site because users need paid membership here. But it’s worth your money. All the reviews provided here from the A-f scale are well thought and high quality.This is a trusted site because there are no anonymous reviews here, and companies can also respond to the reviews about them.


The choice is a member-funded site. Choice tests products and services independently and provides review to their members based on performance. They test products and service themselves. They also create product comparisons and write buying guides. In addition to that, their members can rate and discuss specific product brands with other Choice members if you have customers in Australia, its recommended to ask for a review from them if they are a choice member.

Top 5 Alternative OF Trustpilot


Which? Is an independent company that tests products and writes about them. They don’t accept the invitation of product testing, but they encourage people to let them know about their products and services by emailing them.

This could be less influencing for you because there is a chance of your product ending up on their site, But it’s still worth giving a try, especially if your customer base is in the U.K. This website features product reviews of any product. They provide product reviews after testing your product and services based on their experience. They also consider customer surveys.

To access their “Best Buys” and “Don’t Buys” list, you have to become a member for £10.75 per month, It also lets you get access to the latest reviews of products from their tests, and access to their consumer advice section.


TestFreaks is quite similar to TrustPilot they help companies by writing seller reviews and collect customer reviews from complementing them.

Their question and answer feature lets your consumers get a direct answer from your customer service agents.

These were some of the best sites similar to Trustpilot. If you want to know more how does works trustpilot  and others Be sure You read My others blog.