Buy Old Facebook Accounts

buy old facebook accounts

When you are living in a country, or place where opening a second Facebook account is troublesome enough.Then it is better to buy old facebook accounts.

Because still many countries are giving the opportunity of opening a second facebook account easily.

Now maybe your question is, is it safe to buy those accounts? How do we actually collect those facebook accounts which are for sale?

Most of our Facebook accounts are the USA, Canada and India based. And we collect them from real users. If we take India as an example, people are allowed to create more than one Gmail or Facebook accounts. (actually, there is no bound limit). So, when you wish if you could buy one more facebook accounts which are safe, they can help you for this purpose.

We do not use any bot, or auto-generator to create new Facebook accounts. We are a platform which buys and collect those Facebook accounts after checking all kinds of safety issues and then sell to you. We only accept the accounts which fulfill our all conditions & criteria.

How are the Facebook Accounts?

  • The accounts are verified.
  • Every account is created under separate IP address from USA, Canada, and India. That makes the accounts highly trusted to Facebook.
  • The profiles are realistic with unique profile pictures which are never used in another facebook accounts.
  • The timeline is very short. In most cases with a single profile picture and cover photo only.
  • The information of the accounts is easily changeable.
  • They can be used from any country. No proxy login is required.
  • As they are location verified, so Facebook will not require the location verification anymore.
  • Some accounts may have a short timeline. Be sure that all the pictures & information are copyright free.
  • Different Facebook accounts are of different ages.
  • The Facebook accounts are suitable for both business adds and for promoting your business by group posting.
  • Once you buy a Facebook account, the total controlling will come under you. There will be NO ACCESS to the FORMER OWNER to your account once you have bought them.

Why Should You Buy Old Facebook Accounts?

You should buy old Facebook accounts to promote your business.

If you are working for the promotion of your business, then you need one more Facebook account rather than your personal one. Because when you are using your personal account to promote your business, then your personal information can easily be hacked, or leaked.

Especially for the internet based businesses, it is not much necessary to show who is behind the business. It’s more necessary to ensure the safety and privacy of your business.

So, it will be our suggestion to separate your Facebook account from your business account. If you are under restriction not to create one more account, then you can buy old Facebook accounts from a trusted website.

Another purpose for buying Facebook accounts can be using it in the engagement of your page, or business. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to create a positive review as a customer for earning the trust of your customers. In this case, old Facebook accounts are really helpful.

After buying an old Facebook account, you can easily give it a form of a real customer.

A customer’s review of the review groups can increase your customers twice. So, you can use the Facebook account for review purposes.

Is It Safe to Buy Old Facebook Accounts?

The question should be – “ Is it safe to buy old Facebook accounts from all websites?”

Buying old Facebook accounts can be both safe and risky. If you buy old Facebook accounts from a trusted site, then it is safe to buy it. But, if the website is not trusted enough, then it may be risky.

Now, maybe, the question is – “ How can you identify if a website is trusted, or not ?”

Here are some criteria to identify a website while buying old Facebook accounts.

Check the Age of the Website :

The website must be on Google for at least 6 months, or 1 year. Because Google bans fake websites from its list. So, it’s better to avoid the websites established less than 3 months ago.

Check the Buyer Reviews of the Websites :

The website should be rich with the buyer’s reviews. You should check if the reviews are positive, or negative. If there are a good number of positive reviews on the website, you can buy old Facebook accounts.

Good Response Rate:

The website should have a call center serving at least 7/24. And their response rate should be very high. A good response rate is a reflection on how much they care about their customers.

Detail Description & Instruction on Each Service :

The website should have enough detail about the accounts of Facebook. For example, what the age range is of the Facebook accounts, how they sell them if there any security

Check the Money Back Guarantee:

The website must give you the money back guarantee. The must give you money back in case of failure to deliver the order within time. They should inform you if there happens any delay or problem in doing the work. If they need more time, they should inform you and take permission.

Otherwise, they should directly give the purchase back.

6.Redo the Work In Case Of Removal by Authority :

In some very rare case, the authority may remove your bought services like views, follows, likes etc. If this happens, the website should redo the work. In this case, they should give a guarantee of like 3 months, 4 months, or 6 months.

Why Should You Buy Old Facebook Accounts From Us?


We have Google experts with us to promote your business. So, be sure that your work will be of better quality than from any other website. You can buy Facebook reviews from us without any kind of hesitation.


We generally start working within 6 hours after you make the order. We try our best to complete the order as soon as possible. Generally, we deliver the work before the time ends.

Money Back Guarantee:

In case we fail to deliver the work on time, we back your paid money. We also contact our customer by mail in this case. If our customer allows us to take a few more days, we also finish the work. Or, if he does not allow us, we send the money back.

Cheap Cost:

Our website is a business-friendly website. We consider our customer’s economic condition and made a cheaper rate than any other website.

Redoing Work:

If Facebook removes any of the reviews within 6 months, we will redo the work free of cost. In case of this situation, feel free to contact us.

Customer Care:

We have a highly responsive 24/7 customer care service for you. You can also contact us by mail.