[vc_column_text]You should buy negative Facebook reviews for some specific reasons. In primary consideration, it may seem meaningless to you. But negative Facebook page reviews really value. This article will clear your concept on buying negative Facebook reviews.

Why Should You Buy Negative Facebook Reviews?

Suppose, you have a business page on Facebook with a good amount of likes & followers. Your service is also good. Now, can all your Facebook page ratings and reviews be 5-star with the positive comment?

The answer is – ‘no’.

No matter, how much good your service is, there will always be some critic customers. This type of customers always loves to compare your service to other ones. It is very hard to mitigate their expectation. So, it is like ‘the raising of the moon in the day-light’ to get 5-star-ratings or excellent reviews from them.

According to a recent study by ‘BusinessInsider’ 20% of the satisfied customers don’t review due to their personal business at that time. And later, they lose their interest or forget to review the service.

Even a very popular Facebook page like ‘Bright Side’ has got 85% excellent reviews with 15% average, or bad reviews. So, it is never possible to get 100% positive Facebook page reviews, no matter, how much good the page is.

So, when you are planning to buy positive ratings & reviews, do not forget to buy 1-star facebook reviews to a little extent with it. Because, a Facebook page with 100% positive reviews, is really suspicious.

Another one reason to buy fake Facebook reviews, to balance a proportion. When your Facebook page abounds with positive Facebook-reviews, you can buy some negative Facebook reviews to make a balance.

What Should Be the Proportion for the Best Kind of Facebook Page?

In the business world, generally, the proportion remains between 85% by 15%, to 95% by 5%. In some cases, we can consider the minimal at 75%. But it should never be less than 75%. Again, the maximum more than 95% may also be suspicious of Facebook.

Recently, Facebook made a declaration to remove the Facebook pages which have not a co-ordination between the ratings & reviews. For example, if you have a Facebook page with 10 likes but 100 ratings& reviews, then Facebook may remove it.

So, you can buy fake Facebook reviews for keeping the coordination between the good and bad reviews.

Moreover, you can use negative Facebook reviews as a weapon against your hardest competitors. By buying enough 1-star facebook page ratings for their page, you can motive the customers to buy from you. A lot of negative reviews will arise the doubt of the standard of their service in the customer’s minds.

When the customers will see, you’re giving the same service but better than your competitor’s, they will come to yours.

Why Should You Buy Negative Facebook Reviews from Us?

There are two kinds of negative Facebook reviews. One kind is – ‘Constructive type Negative’ and another type is – ‘Prohibiting Type Negative’.

The constructive type negative reviews contain constructive criticism about the service or product. For example, if anyone of the customers buys a product and see the product smaller than he thought, he will write a constructive negative review.

He will not write that the product quality is bad. He will simply explain in his review how is expectation did not match with the reality. This type of review will help another customer to understand the real structure of the product. And will never discourage him to buy the product.

Another type of Facebook review is ‘Prohibiting Type Negative’ review. This type of review is simply horrible. And they generally are like- “Guys, don’t buy from this page store. They have cheated me. The product quality is very bad….bla…bla..bla. So, this type of reviews creates a devastating effect on the business.

There are many websites on the internet who give the reviews by using only one, or two words like “Bad”, “ Not Nice”,” I don’t Like it” etc. And if you notice, there are generally several spelling mistakes in the reviews. That proves, they generally get their work done by inefficient workers.

But, when it comes to us ( PromotingTeam), be sure that you are working with Google experts. PromotingTeam is a strong team made up of a good number of dedicated professionals who are working for your business promotions more than at least 3 years.

When you are gonna buy negative Facebook reviews from us, be sure that the reviews are not gonna harm your business. Generally, we get them done by native and experienced speakers. So, be sure that we are gonna get the best kind of service either it is for the welfare of your business, or to lag your competitor behind.

What is Our Guarantee?

If you still in a hesitation about buying negative Facebook reviews from us, then you should check the previous works of us. PromotingTeam is serving for more than 7 years and we have over 10 thousand satisfied customers. From our Google rank, you can see Google also likes our service too. So, you can buy from us without any kind of hesitation.

Is There Any Money Back Guarantee?

Of Course!

Promoting Team generally starts working within 6 hours after your order is made. We try our best to finish your order as soon as possible within the fixed time. In case of our failure to finish the work within time, we back the money and also contact you by mail.

What is Facebook Removes Your Reviews?

If you buy negative Facebook reviews from us & Facebook removes any of them within 6 months, we will redo the work free of cost. Generally, Facebook does not remove our reviews. But in case it happens, please feel free to contact us.

How Can You Contact Us?

We have a highly responsive 24/7 customer service for any need of you. If you face any problem to contact us, you can message our customer care. Besides, you can also mail us.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]