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Why Should You Buy ios App Reviews & Ratings?Buy ios App Reviews

If you are reading this article, that means you are an iOS app developer, or a creator, or a learner who wants to know about the importance and the function of app reviews and ratings. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you have already discovered the facts of your phone & iOS. So, I am directly going to discuss the question and answer, you are looking for- why you should buy iOS app reviews & ratings?

iOS is one of the most popular choices for the users of all the operating systems. Unlike another operating system, Apple gives you the most comfort. Because of app inc. is very strict to the point when it comes to the security of iPhone or iPad. So, Apple doesn’t allow third-party apps or giving away free apps.

If you are an iOS developer, you already know that most Apple users buy quality apps from the App Store. And this App store has about 2.8 million apps stored in the store. The rate of uploading the app has increased 30% more than before. So, it is becoming a war field for developers and app creator. The competition is being highly tough.

And in this difficult competition, the app ratings and reviews are making the difference. Because among the numerous number of apps, users are following the way to download the app with more positive reviews & ratings. Because reviews are the measurement of the quality of an app.

What Are Rating & Reviews?

While discussing the point, at first, I want to tell you why are ratings and reviews important. About 70% of iOS users, watch out for 2 things before buying an app. One of them is the rating, and the other one is the review. So, app buyers are completely relying on these two things

Now, I will discuss the facts, more in details so that you can understand the importance of reviews and ratings.

It has been a trend to buy iOS app reviews nowadays. There is a proverb goes to that “Great Power Comes With Great Responsibility”. iOS also follows this for protecting the Apple devices from Hijackers. Hijackers usually hack with the help of app store and third-party software. iOS doesn’t allow the third party software. They also free software from apple app store. So, one has to buy apps to install apps on one’s phone. These are only available with money.

Consequently, people are not reckless in terms to buy iOS app reviews and installing apps when it comes to the point of purchasing. They carefully choose the apps according to their need. They see good ratings and reviews they buy it. This one of my first point to show you the importance of ratings and reviews.

Apple app store has a very big collection of apps. But people only choose the top-rated apps with positive reviews. Why is that?

This is an important question. There are thousands and thousands of apps. But buyers only the top rated apps. Because people take ratings & reviews as the personal recommendation. A user can not directly believe the sellers’ speech. But he listens to other users’ reviews & believes them without any doubt. Besides, as a common human nature, people always rush in where the rest others go.

Is It Safe to Buy IOS App Reviews?


We guarantee 100% safety to all our customers. We provide the reviews from the phone and place verified accounts. Besides, we use a different IP address for each of our accounts. So, there is no way to get suspected by the authority. Moreover, we take a moderate time span to do that. So, it seems organic to the authority. And as a result, your app gets a promotion in the search result scale.

Different website on the internet providing the service of buying IOS app reviews nowadays. But all the websites are not trustworthy. Again, the quality of work is also not the same. Different websites take different purchase cost and time span for the same work. Moreover, all are not equally experienced. So, you need to find out the most appropriate website for a safe IOS app review.

You can trust our experience and service quality. Before you buy IOS app reviews, we humbly request you to check out the reviews and comments of our previous buyers. We have already served more than 3,000 satisfied customers in our last years.

So, we can confidently say that we will not disappoint you!

What Is A Top-Rated App?

According to the experts of PromotingTeam, a top-rated app must fill-up the following requirements.

  • 80% ratings of the app should be 4 stars or 5 stars. (Above 4 stars means it is a good app.)
  • At least 75% of the app should contain positive reviews. (  That means the app is fulfilling the needs of buyers. )
  • The app is mostly clicked in the search result among another app. ( And this just boosts an app’s ranking.)
  • Increasing rate of installation of the app.( That indicates users are not enjoying your app)
  • With comparatively less size. ( If your app  takes a lot of time to load, the user are not gonna like it)
  • App with good rank in search result. ( If Apple detects your app with low download rate, then authority may down the position in search-result)

Importance of App Reviews:buy IOS app reviews and ratings

After the users install the apps, they themselves post their honest experiences and feedbacks about the apps on the app store pages. The reviews help other users to have an idea about the quality and features of the app. Besides, it also helps the developer to learn the faults and errors of his app. Besides, the developer also gets valuable suggestions from his users on the improvement of the app.

Another great advantage is that the more reviews an app get, there are the more chances that more people will see it. That is how the number of ratings and reviews of an app determines the future of it. It determines if the app would come first of the search result or, be lost deep in the competition of other thousands app.

Besides, with the reviews of the app, the developer can directly get in touch with the users. Moreover, the positive reviews are like the acquirement & encouragement for him from the users.

Is It Necessary To Buy iOS App Reviews?

The answer is when you search an app-name on your iPad, or iPhone, you discover that the most rated apps are on the top of the search result list. Why are the apps in the top position?

Because they are rated and loved by the buyers. Their reviews are positive and good. So, the buyers think about the apps positively and install them considering as the best choice.

This positive thinking results in good rating and reviews. That’s why to buy ios app reviews so important.

Why Should You Buy IOS App Reviews?

You should buy IOS app reviews to catch a quick growth of your app popularity. Now, the app store is a rich platform of more than 2.2 million apps. And every day, there happens a release of 2,000 new apps in the app store. So, its quite a hard competition and it is harder for you when you are a new app developer.

Whenever you release a new app, you need to compete with another 2.2 million apps on the same platform. So, to get your app discovered among the apps of your competitors, you need to buy android and ios app reviews.

If you are a new developer, it is important to understand that it is not the duty finished by just releasing an app in the app store. It is only the 50% of your total work. And the rest 50% is marketing. No matter how good your app is if the users do not come to know about it!. So, after developing and releasing of your app, marketing is very important.

Here are some reasons for what you should buy IOS app reviews:

To Earn the Trust of the Users:

Buying IOS app reviews is one of the key methods for marketing your apps. According to a study by PromotingTeam, 95% of the users now believe reviews and ratings as much as the personal recommendation. Besides, 80% of people download the games and other apps with at least 4-star or 5-star ratings.

Moreover, this is the time for focusing on the digital marketing. And, the digital marketing is quite impossible without buying IOS app reviews.

When people will discover a thousand of positive reviews on your app page, they will trust that your app provides really amazing service. It will compel them to install the app and taste the features.

To Increase the Popularity:

Here is a question for you. If you are looking for a specific service app on the Appstore, and you find a hundred apps providing the same service, then which one will you choose? Of course, you will choose the app with the best features and the app the customers are satisfied with. And for that, you must check out the reviews and ratings of those apps as you do not have any previous experience.

Now, will you choose the 5-star rated app or the 1-star one? The answer must be 5-star rated app. So, you can see that the number of app ratings and reviews influence the consumer behavior.

On the AppStore, one of the most effective ways to make your app popular is to buy a good number of positive reviews describing the customer satisfaction. When people see lots of positive reviews on your app page, it encourages them to install the app.

To Increase the App Ranking:

When an app starts to get a good number of installs and reviews, then the ranking also starts to come upper in the search result. Because the number of installs and reviews are the indicator of how much popular and user-friendly your app is.

It will increase the organic installs and reviews of your app. So, when you will get plenty of installs and reviews, it will become easy for you to acquire the editors’ choice badge.

To Increase Organic Reviews:

Buying IOS app reviews will increase your organic reviews. Because when your app will have a good number of positive reviews, then it will get more organic traffics, and so downloads and reviews.

So, it will finally increase your app exposure, ranking, and popularity with organic installs & reviews.

To Increase Your Sell:

If your app is a paid app or marketing app, then buying IOS app installs will help to increase your sells.

As positive reviews help to earn customer trust, so, it will create a positive effect on your business. So, you need to buy IOS app reviews to achieve complete development.

What Is The Purpose Of Ranking Apps? How Can My App Get Higher In Rank By?

Well, I am going to clear it the both. Reviews are like comments. Great reviews come with great ratings. The people who rate above 4 stars, they usually comment. This is a review. The apps get popular by getting good and positive reviews. So, after ratings, reviews are important.

People who buy an app, they usually look at two things, one of them is the overall rating and the other one is reviews. And the most important fact is reviews are not easily overestimated by the buyers. So, good and positive reviews make an app popular and editors choice.

The top rated and positively reviewed apps also placed in top ranks. Your app getting in the top list means the success of app creators and developers.

From the following discussion, the main points are pointed out. The main importance of buying ratings and reviews is it is the key to make your app popular and more downloaded. The more your apps get popularity the more it will be bought by the more buyers. And the key to the higher rank of your app.

If the ratings and reviews are high or good in number, it will boost organic traffic to your app & compel them to download it. This will help to be you a good and successful app creator & developer. All of these discussions clearly justify the need for buying ratings and reviews in iOS.

So, it is important to buy iOS app reviews for a faster-growing business.