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buy Google maps reviews

Importance of Google Reviews

Google is mostly known as a search engine. But the developers of Google have added multiple dimension to Google services. So, Google reviews/ Google Business reviews are one of the most important aspects which directly influences all kind of online and offline business as well.

Reviews are the element of judgement on any online platform. It’s open to everyone, highest level of transparency is maintained and it is helpful for both customers and sellers. You need to buy google reviews to catch a quick growth in your business reputation. Because, nowadays, reviews are the most important things that will help you to earn your customer trust. Besides, it will also help you to enhance your social exposure. So, Google reviews are very important for quick business development.

People share their experience with any services and help others to compare and choose the better ones for themselves. What a flawless and useful system, right?

Need some recommendation on restaurants nearby?
Google Reviews is there for you.
Looking for a holiday spot near you?
Google Reviews is there for you.
Confused with which shop to choose ?
Google Reviews is there for you.

In short,
Google it > check out the reviews > compare > choose.
This flawless process has earned massive reliability among the consumers.

Thus, it has turned out to be a great influence in anyone’s business. Besides, it has become a key factor in successful business as well. Moreover, 5-star Google reviews are notably valuable. Because you can establish a high value of your service by having awesome reviews on google.

Now let us think about a practical example.

Let’s say you went out of town and want to have lunch in a fancy restaurant. But you don’t know any place nearby. What would you do?

-Once you search on google, “restaurants near me/ nearby”. Eventually, Google will show you the results using google maps without any delay. Now you have a list of 10 restaurants on your screen. So, which one would you choose for your lunch that day?

Confusing right? Because all the restaurants seem nice. All of their environments are attractive, and all the menus are delicious. Here comes the usefulness of Google reviews. Because, 9 out of 10 people would choose the restaurant with highest ratings and best reviews.

Having a 5-star rating earns a business 69% more clicks than having no rating at all (Source: Brightlocal). Surely you will choose the restaurants with great reviews from customers and the highest rating as well.

Even this can influence your ranking on the list.
A study by BrightLocal shows that higher ratings and positive reviews increase the CTR(click through rate) by 25% (Source: Brightlocal). And CTR is a crucial factor in the search engine ranking.

There are amazing yet shocking statistics on google reviews which will blow your mind. 88% of the internet user started trusting the online reviews after 2014.

Just over 3 years (2011-2014) it has increased by 20%. People nowadays rely more on online reviews than a recommendation from a friend. Google business reviews work as a tiebreaker among the small businesses competing in the same category in the same neighborhood.

Why should you Buy Google Reviews?

Let’s say you open a new business. You have been successfully serving your customers for a long period. But still, you barely have 2 or 3 reviews on google and one of them is a bad review. Though you gave top class service still you are not getting reviews/ customers.

Totally unfair, right? Then you try to find out the reasons behind all the problems. And you see that the people who are enjoying your service are going back with a satisfied heart but not giving reviews on google.

The thing is, people will only give you reviews on Google in two cases-

1. If the service was heavenly good or free service
2. If the service was extremely bad

All the rest cases don’t conclude with a google business review. In addition, giving reviews take time and effort. Of course, no one has got the will to review your business on google by killing their own time. According to a study by  Pew Research Center 38% customer never leave any review on any product and 48% never leave reviews on their own on any restaurants. “

This problem is more seen in the starting days of business. When you are not famous already, no one finds any interest in making your review section richer.

While reviews are important but you are not getting them. So, what do you do? Simply you buy Google reviews. Buying Google reviews is simply a business strategy.

If you want to keep going on at a good pace you must need reviews on google. And if you are not getting them organically, buy them. It will also increase the average ratings of your business.

It can be very crucial for your business if you buy google business reviews. People are directed to your service through google business reviews.

The benefits achieved by buying google business reviews are multidimensional. So, we will be discussing the benefits achieved if you buy google business reviews in the next section.

Taking the Decision to Buy Positive Google Reviews:

Feedback/reviews from the customers always have been crucial from long ago. But the importance is greater than ever nowadays. Few 5-star Google reviews can do magic for your business.

If you want to acquire a quick growth of your business & spread it further, then you need to have a flow of a large number of customers every day. Also, you need to reach your products & services to the targeted market. So, you need to add some positive & reviews to your service and motivate the customers and grab their attention. And that’s why you need to buy Google maps reviews.

If you are at the starting stage on Google map, then it is fairly difficult for you to get the reviews from your customers.

Don’t worry! PromotingTeam is here to support your business with our top notch services. We will enrich your Google place with reviews that seem 100% real & authentic in a guaranteed safe procedure.

Benefits of great Google reviews:

Boost your business growth

Google business reviews push your business forward at a great speed. The lives of people are now mostly online dependent. They don’t have to go physically to check the quality of any service. This is the era of taking decisions based on the reviews.

Google always wants to help its users with the suggestion of best quality services. To do this, it considers the percentage of positive reviews and 5-star ratings on its maps location page. For this, if you search for the best hotel, or restaurant for an exact location on Google, it shows you the map location of the best reviewed and highest rated hotel located in that area. So, it is very important to have a great number of positive reviews and ratings on your map page.

So, it is possible to have a great boost to your business by focusing on Google map reviews and ratings.

If your location page does not contain enough reviews and ratings, then you should buy Google reviews. Because the more you buy google business reviews, the more you will appear on top. Your business will have more credibility and people will feel safe to rely on your service.

Increases credibility

Increasing business credibility is the sole purpose of buying google business reviews. Because it greatly helps in becoming a trustworthy and reliable brand. If you buy google business reviews, you are helping your new customers to rely on your service.

Once you put some reviews on google it works forever. It’s a onetime job but you can harvest the fruit as long as it stays. Once you have gained moderate brand value, then there’s no stopping.

People judge the business quality by comparing these reviews. It’s like convincing them to take your service. You don’t have to bother personally to do so. Google reviews will do that for you. How cool is that!

Influences Google search results

Let’s say someone search “Thai restaurants nearby”. And a list of 12 restaurants appears on google. And restaurant “A” has appeared at the top.

Why? It’s only because it has a greater number of good reviews. Yes, Google business reviews affect SEO ranking on Google.

A study has shown that the conversion rate of the top search result is greater by 87% than others. Even for Google rankings, you should buy google business reviews.

Statistics show that people only check the top 6 results with full concentration. Higher ranking means higher traffic. Higher traffic means higher sales.

Do you see a simple google business review is going here how far? The possibilities are endless.

Google Business reviews are better

There are thousands of websites which are dedicated to recording customer reviews. Yet google alone holds 10% of the traffic value among the whole review sites.

People don’t have time for finding restaurants on other websites. Rather they make searches on Google and check out the reviews. Because Google both finds the exact location and shows the reviews along with ratings at the same time.

And the reviewers cannot maintain anonymity at all while reviewing any service. This adds more transparency to the reviews. This feature ensures the authenticity of these reviews.

What are the odds that you can face if you buy fake google reviews?

The possibility of facing any problems can come only when you choose the wrong service provider. So, choosing the service provider who can maintain both quality and safety is important.

Considering you chose the fraud service provider, the odds are listed below-

1. You will get caught if the reviews are like nice, awesome etc :

Most of the reviews form the fraud websites are like- ‘nice’, ‘awesome’, ‘good’ etc. You are living in the twentieth century and reviews like that seventeenth century! These types of reviews are really not acceptable!

A review should contain the true reflection of the product or service. A short description of how is the satisfaction level of the customer. It should be honest and informative enough to influence other new customers to buy from you. Besides, your customers will easily understand that the reviews are fake if you use that kind reviews.

A real review from a customer generally contains the suggestion, appreciation, complain and the quality based information. So, never buy Google reviews cheap from fake websites. They are rather harmful than being useful.

2. Google will remove the reviews:

A map page with hundred of just one-word reviews like ‘nice’ or, ‘good’ is really suspicious. If Google suspects the reviews are bought or fake, they will remove them from your page. Again, Google does not allow reviews by using any software or bots. In fact, this is strongly prohibited by Google. Because Google always wants to help its user with the best quality and authentic services.

So, if Google suspects your reviews as fake, they will remove the reviews from your page so that the users can have an authentic service.

3. You will lose credibility:

If your customers and Google can understand that your reviews are bought, then you will lose credibility.

Your reviews are the indicators of the credibility of your page.  So, positive and organic reviews are really necessary for increasing the credibility of your page. Besides, it also helps to increase social exposure.

So, do not buy Google reviews form untrusted websites to lose the valuable credibility of your page, rather than gaining it.

4. Brand image will be hampered

If you have a really good brand and want to make it an established one, then you should buy reviews very carefully. Because your brand image may fall from a developing level or Google rank for buying fake reviews.

If you buy bad quality reviews from a fake website, then your popularity may get hampered a lot. Try to buy Google reviews from a trusted website to get the best result.

5. It is hard to get back the trust

In the business world, it is very hard to recover the trust again if you lose it from your customers. You are buying business reviews for acquiring fame, not for losing it. So, be careful while you are purchasing it.

Because you will never want to purchase for a bad quality service.

6. The reviews will seem fake if they are not location oriented:

If you are doing business at Newyork, but most of your reviews are from Africa, then it is really not believable. Again, if you have a coffee shop but most of the reviews are about the fame of your cloth products, then it is also not acceptable.

7. After all, you will see a drastic downfall in your business.

At last, buying Google map reviews from fraud websites will cause a drastic downfall in your business. So, find out a trusted website to buy Google maps reviews.

These are the maximum odds you will have to face if you buy google reviews from fraud service providers.

Tips on How to get reviews organically-

Apart from buying google business reviews, you can try to collect them in an organic manner too.

• Ask the customers to put a review according to their experience. Because this is the most effective way to get reviews in an organic manner.

• Respond to existing reviews. If anyone gives negative feedback, apologize for their inconvenience and promise to solve the issue. If anyone gives good reviews thank them and invite them for further assistance.

• Try to make the best use of social media. Because social media can be very crucial in getting google reviews. Besides, there are many groups which review the services of specific niche on Facebook.

So, join there and ask them review your service. Conduct marketing campaign on social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Google+ etc.

• Try to generate traffic on your official website. In this case, people can get a thorough idea on your service from the official website. So, bring traffic to that website and convert them into customers and finally get some reviews as a bonus.

This will benefit in 3 ways as you can see.

1. More traffic to the website.
2. More sales.
3. More organic reviews.

• Remind your customer to leave a review through email or anything possible.

• Show them how to give the review. Also, illustrate them where and how to give a review of your service. If needed provide them with the direct link of the review section of your business.

• Use the existing great reviews as marketing perks and thus encourage others to give more reviews. This is a very effective way to do marketing and getting more reviews at the same time.

So, these are few tips on getting google business reviews in an organic manner. Hope you guys find this helpful.

How to buy from PromotingTeam

Step one: Go to Promoting team website.
Step two: Select the number of reviews that you want.
Step three: Add to cart all the services that you selected. And check out by providing all the information and payment method.
In easy 3 steps, you can buy Google reviews from promoting the team. But remember that you can always make a customer order by directly contacting us through skype/whatsapp/facebook. You can get these following custom packages-
Custom services for you-
• Buy Positive Google reviews with custom ratings
• or, Buy google 5 star reviews
• or, Buy Google reviews with content and large description, or,
• Buy Google negative reviews (1-star reviews)
If you need any changes in these custom packages then you must distinctly mention that in your message.

Why should you buy from Promoting Team?

We have served hundreds of satisfied customers over the past few years. You can choose us without any confusion. Yet there are few things that only Promoting Team can ensure you-

  • 100% real and safe service: We will provide you with reviews from real accounts and all of them will be delivered in a safe systematic way.
  • There’s scope for you to get geo-targeted reviews. You can customize your location preference of any country. You can buy google reviews USA as well.
  • Qualified writers: We are blessed with some high-quality writers who will make sure the authenticity of the reviews.
  • Fast delivery and great professionalism: We will deliver the reviews during the fixed time according to your need. We consider a customer’s every kind of desire and strategy.
  • Very cheap rate and coupon offer: We provide the services at a very cheap rate compared to others. We also respect our loyal customers by offering them discount coupons.
    • 100% recovery guaranteed: We make sure our customer’s satisfaction in every way possible. But still, if you are not satisfied we are giving you 100% recovery guaranteed.