9 Hot Instagram Marketing Tips from Social Media Experts

Instagram is one of the largest social media in this world. It is said that more than 1 billion people are using Instagram right now and most of them are above 18 years old (about 65%). So it is a big marketplace for the product also. Here I will explain you 9 Instagram marketing tips for business that are mostly suggested by top-level social experts.

1) Develop Your Profile.

It is obvious that 95% of the Instagram users must check your profile info before they start following you. It is the 1st step that people takes as usually. So, Design an informative bio and attach an attractive avatar icon. People introduce you deeper if they could be impressed with your profile.

Your Instagram bio gives you only 150 characters to represent yourself to visitors, to show what you offer, and why they should care, so it’s worth investing the time to get it proper.

Here are some step by step tips to make your Instagram bio most potential :

Name :

Instagram gives you 30 characters to add the name.

Never forget that your name is included in the search of Instagram and it will appear at the top of your profile. It is an intelligent Instagram marketing trick to add one or two attributes after the name. It will help your audience to easily understand what your brand or profile is about, or deals with.

  • Add the key-word of your brand (ex. PromoTeam (SEO Service Provider))
  • Include some variation ( ex. Knight Rider’s Club – KRC )
  • Never stuff keywords or suffixes in the name.


It is the main identity of you on Instagram.

  • Use a familiar name as you have used on other social media sites. (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc)
  • It will determine your profile link. So, try to keep some harmony with your website name too.
Instagram Marketing

Website :

This is the only clickable link in your whole Instagram profile.

This is the most effective place that can divert your follower to the website. And can convert your audience into your customer. So, be careful about this link. This is the most important Instagram marketing strategy to use your business site link here.

  • Use a tracking code to get a real-time view of the customers from Instagram.
  • Try to URL shortener if it is too large.

Bio :

Instagram gives you only 150 characters to express you here.

You need to be tricky in this case. Make the proper intelligent use of your language. Express more in fewer words.

  • Describe who you are & your unique personalities, depict your brand’s key features and use targeted language to motivate them.
  • Use hashtags.
  • Use relevant emojis.
  • Include what makes your brand different.
  • Use a familiar industrial tag that can help strangers to figure out what you really offer.

Here are some key features in detail as the best Instagram marketing tips as to the social media experts.

2) Customize Shortened Link to Pick the Traffic.

A virtual marketer should know that how much he picked the traffic. That’s why he should create a shorter link to count the traffic. Google shorter link is so much popular among the marketers.

But I would recommend you not to use Google shorter link because Google analytics can’t give you 100% accuracy to track this traffic. It will be better to create the short link from bit.ly and stuck it in your Instagram account.

3) Edit Your Product Photos.

People always prefer attractive but authentic content. So be professional with your product photo. Make product photography. Then photoshop it from an expert. It is the main content of your business.

Add a different dimension to your product photo. Try to make you photo exceptional so that your customers get the taste of both authenticity and creativity in the photo.

Don’t over polish your product picture with Photoshop. Because if a person gets the difference between product and product picture. It may spoil your target.

4) Make the Efficient Use of Hashtags:

Hashtags are the language of Instagram.

So, Making the proper use of hashtags is a very effective Instagram marketing strategy.

The hashtag is the most used and popular in the Instagram area. Instagram has got a unique figure than Facebook and other social media due to the profuse use of hashtags. Besides Instagram evaluates hashtags with great importance value. So, it is essential to make the proper use of the hashtags.

Instagram makes it easy for the users to type the hashtags to find things to like. For business, it is very important to use proper hashtags.Because sometimes your content may lose its value due to the wrong use of hashtags. So you must make the efficient use of hashtags.

Proper use of hashtags brings your marketing success from higher to the higher level.

If possible, try to use a branded hashtag and add relevant emojis. It is one of the most effective Instagram marketing secret of many big companies.

5) Make Cross-links Through Tagging:

It has been a trend of the Instagram now a day to tag multiple persons in a post or comment. It is one kind of share, tagging others, promoting other etc.

Suppose that you have an electronics shop. And you served gadget from many brand’s companies. So, if you tag each other, then both the brand and your shop would take full advantage of Instagram. The results are threefold; higher recognition for everyone involved increased follower and increased traffic.

6) Create Marketing Tunnel:

After making a loyal bunch of followers & customers, try to more pull out some more efficient and easier ways to spread your marketing.

For example, you may capture your audiences’ email address. That’s why you should ask their email ID. Suppose that, if anyone contacted you , then you would offer them to share their email. So that, you will be able to spread your products marketing by sending them the email in future.

7) Use PC in Some Cases to Save Time:

Creating the Instagram post with PC can be a massive time saver. Here I will give you reasons.

  • Creating or editing your graphics and video is so much faster and smoother than the phone.
  • It is easy to interact with people and run your marketing on PC.
  • Easier to combine two or more operating together.
  • Some particular software and applications can handle Instagram more user-friendly.

8) Influence Your Audiences:

Store your timeline with delicious video’s that may attract your customer. Sometimes you would make a Q/A post to know your audience wish, share the public positive reviews.

It can silently make a place for you in customer’s mind. You may offer various type of discount on your product at several times. It will help the customer to buy something new.

9)Use Sponsored Post:

Sponsored ads on Instagram are becoming a regular activity on people’s newsfeed. This is one of the most effective ways to target your audience. It will show the ad on that people’s timeline who is not a follower of your account too.

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