The 8 best App monetization platform of 2020

Today we will be talking about the best monetization area for your app. Now, if you do not know what app monetization platform is, well app monetization platform allows app developers to earn from their creation. So if the app is not monetized, developers may fail to bring revenue from its use. 

Hence it is inevitably crucial for an app to get monetized from a monetization platform. Otherwise, you won’t be able to secure a penny from your app. Also, a brilliant idea, along with all the effort, may go vain. 

Now that we know why app monetization is necessary, we may want to know some best monetization deals out there. Since there are plenty, we have picked a few fantastic ones for you . Without further due, let’s get started with the best app monetization platform of recent years (2020). 

best App monetization platform

Our top app monetization picks are,

  1. Unity Ads
  2. Google AdMob
  3. Facebook Audience Network
  4. Google Ad Manager
  5. Soomla
  6. AerServ
  7. MoPub
  8. TapJoy

Unity ads

Unity Ads is one of the best places for monetization, especially for game developers, as they could get monetized for the entire player base. This means you could also avail monetization amount from the players who do not make an in-app purchase.

Google AdMob

So Google AdMob helps monetize your app by bringing the best technologies together in one place. You can make a comparison and also get insights into your users’ ideas. This helps in creating more in-app purchases and hence adds to your revenue.

Facebook Audience Network

This is another pick that helps you monetize your apps on both iOS and Android platforms. Also, you get revenue from targeted ads from mobile websites.

So how Google Ad manager helps? By the name itself, it is understandable that it helps increase the income of the publishers or the app developers by managing Ads. Google Ad manager introduces Adsense, Ad exchange, and other third-party networks. 


AerServ allows the app developers to increase their revenue by the ad mediation of the platform. They also help the yield growth by providing brand-based ads from the exchange of aerMarket ads. OpenAuction technology powers the mediation layer of AerServ.


Soomla monetization platform helps the publishers get insight into the income that is generated from the advertisement. It also helps with the critical perception of the type of ads included in a designated app.

The system mainly works on the revenue per user, segment, traffic, and cohort. The data is unbiased and help the developers work on them and have proper insights.


With the use of automation and monetization, Tapjoy helps maximize every single user’s value for the app developers.


This is a monetization platform that is mainly built for mobile app developers. The MoPub connects with multiple demand-side platforms, which helps drive the high price for the app.

Pick any of the platforms that are working best on the business. We have made a list of 8; however, there are again many. Nevertheless, it would be best if you chose wisely. 

And before picking up, one should carry background research and understand how they work and how you can benefit from your app.