10 Effective App Store Optimization Techniques​

When you are done developing an app, you must optimize it to reach the top of the ranking, hence creating a broad audience. To be in a good position at the app store or iOS platform, you must maintain certain aspects.

Those who are developing an app for the app store and want perfect optimization techniques have come to the right place. We have gathered some useful methods which will help you with optimization in the apple platform or app store. So stay tuned if you are keen to learn about app Store Optimization techniques.

App Store Optimization Techniques

App store optimization

App store optimization, or ASO in short, is a system that helps an app in the app store to get a higher rank among others. This is an app store SEO (Search engine optimization) technique. Using ASO allows you to rank high and get exposure to a vast number of users.

Try to use a descriptive title

Having the right name for your app is one of the essential aspects when developing an app. The title should be relevant as well as include important related keywords. When you maintain relevancy and perfect keyword technique, your app will make its way to the top, and a lot of users could quickly find it in the app store. 

Using the keywords wisely

We are reiterating the use of keywords as it is one of the main factors which can make or break your app’s success. It is crucial that you find a perfect keyword and use it wisely. Apple store allows only 100 characters for all of the keywords. So you have to be precise yet brilliant when using the 100 characters. 

One important thing to remember when you are trying App store optimization it is best that you use the most crucial keyword five times in the description. Also, keep in mind not to overdo it. 

Some useful tips are given below, 

  • Search for keywords that have high traffic and a moderate number of apps.  
  • Use the top keyword in the app name.
  • Avoid using conjunction and prepositions.
  • Use Commas instead of space when separating keywords. 
  • Do not spell out numbers; instead, use digits. 

Have a well put a description for your app

A well-thought description of your app is crucial. With this description, you are allowing your potential users to know about your app before they download it. Therefore, if you fail to give an excellent illustration of your app, you may lose a lot of users. 

Some essential points you should include in your description are, 

  • The purpose of your app
  • How can it benefit or entertain the users
  • What are some attractive features
  • Why would someone buy it or make in-app purchases

Share screenshots that are excellent and high-quality

Perhaps you have noticed that when we intend to download an app, we see some interface screenshots. Yes, it is vital since a potential user may understand the purpose and quality of the app. So try using screenshots of essential features as well as use high-quality images.

Using a small video app advertisement​

Using a short app preview video for your app is a great way to advertise your app on different platforms. Try making a video that is catchy and exhibits your app’s purpose clearly. Once again, use high-quality video and attractive features of the app.

Tip: Try putting important text on your advertisement video as many people on autoplay may watch it with muted audio. 

Pick the perfect category

It is crucial that you place the app in the perfect category in the App store. With the right category choice, you are entering your niche. So users with the same interest would find your app in the perfect arena. If you place it wrongly, then you may fail to reach your app to the right users. 

Points to remember,

  • Pick the category which describes your app the best.
  • Try choosing a place with less competition.

Attractive and relevant icon design

Having a perfect icon design again can make or break your chance of reaching a vast audience. Try to devise a relevant, engaging, catchy icon and is not similar to the other apps.

Request and encourage positive reviews

Having positive reviews have a vast impact on app growth and development. So encourage your users to put positive remarks on your app. Nevertheless, you have to create good vibes first with excellent quality and features of your app. Again, try to mend the negative and bug issue as soon as you get them. If you address the negative reviews as soon as possible, you can create a good impression on your app.

Take advantage if App store analytics

Using an App store analytics helps an app developer understand their position, among other similar apps and the market. 

Some of the best App store analytics are, 

  • Sensor tower
  • AppAnnie
  • AppRankCorner
  • Appfigures
  • Appstatics
  • Appnique
  • Tune
  • Applyzer

Carry Regular evaluation

If you want to see a growth in your app position, you have to be watchful. You must immediately analyze your rank in the App store if you don’t see any improvement. Do evaluate your app performance and position regularly, which can help you address issues that may arise. 

What important things you should be noticing?

Check if the keywords are working.

  • Is your description persuasive?
  • Have you picked the right category?
  • Is the icon eye-catching or working?
  • See if you are encountering issues with bugs. 
  • Is the quality of the interface is good enough?

Final words: To wrap up, having a perfect app is not enough until you can make it to the top of the ranking. Following these specific techniques correctly could help you reach the peak and get a vast exposure. So with a brilliant idea for an app, be a brilliant strategy planner so that you can take your app to a great level.