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Now a day’s Facebook marketing is one of the finest ways of marketing products and services. This area of business is enlarging day by day. About 2.2 billion users are using Facebook regularly. This could be a great marketplace for an entrepreneur. The words “Facebook marketing” is easy to hear but not so easy to do. Here the best tips of Facebook marketing for you and your business.

  • Complete your about page:A huge number of Facebook page owners can’t feel the importance of completing Facebook about sections. They usually left this section barren. Facebook page about section induces Google search result. A complete facebook ‘about section’ can bring the page in first place of a search result. Completing the about section of facebook business page is crucial but not impossible. Generally about page contains website, social links, and contact information about your business.

  • Create your own Facebook vanity URL: Facebook will provide you a default URL of your page. But you can create your own unique URL link. The URL link can be as like “facebook.com/YourBusinessName”. With a unique URL link, fans or other visitors can find you easily. It will be extra beneficiary for you to promote your page.

  • Arrange Question and Answer session: Question and Answer session with your fans and followers will be a perfect way to make a closer relationship with your clients. Question and Answer session will make a good impression on your customer’s mind. Other than regular customers; new customers can have a transparent idea about your business through this session.

  • Increase transparency: Sometimes it says that, “Honesty is the capital of a business.” In a broad sense it is true. Transparency is the biggest part of honesty. People want to know about you and your business in details.

  • Promote your Page with Facebook Ads: This is an expensive but most effective way to have more customers for your Facebook business. For promoting page Facebook charge few dollars to reach more peoples. Through facebook page promote you can reach the customized client.

  • Making facebook video: Making videos could be beneficiary. Video spread faster than written content. Now a day’s Facebook marketers are making videos for their business because making a video for Facebook marketing is quick, entertaining and shareable. Anyone having a mobile phone can make videos for facebook advertisement.
Facebook marketing tips


  • Post when your fans are online: You can see when your majority of the fan is online from page insight. Pay your special attention to page insights. To hit them with your posts in right way make posts at the right moment.
  • Create polls: Facebook reactions can be used to create a poll. There are five reactions; like, love, haha, sad and angry. Your poll can be among 5 topics or less than five. For example, you can create a poll to cast vote between Messi and Ronaldo. Fans will react with love for Messi and like for Ronaldo.
  • Create Facebook Group: There is a proverb says, “Birds of a feather flock together.” That means same minded people gather in the same place and do same. The Facebook group will help you to find that people. To have instant reactions to your clients Facebook group could be a great tool. Facebook group lead you to reach more audience.
  • Offer a special promotion for Facebook fans and followers: People like to feel special. Try to make them feel special in your business. Offer promotional deals only for your Facebook fans and followers and give them a reason to follow you. “Offer only valid for facebook followers”

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